Harris Tobias Ltd


Harris Tobias Ltd specialises in alternative routes to landfill for by products arising from the food waste industry. We work with the waste producer to design a bespoke waste management package to resolve any waste problems.

The companies specialist knowledge lies within the oils and fats industry and with this knowledge we are able to supply:

What We Do

  • Edible Oils and Fats such as Soya Oil, Rape Oil as well as Edible beef dripping
  • Technical Oils and Fats such as Tallow and Recovered Vegetable Oils for the Oleo chemical and bio fuels industries.
  • Proteins for the pet feed and horticulture industries such as meat and bone meal
  • Secure Destruction of out of date or quality failed foodstuffs in retail packs or as bulk material. Ensuring total product recycling of both the product and packaging. Reuse of products where possible or the recycling into compost or energy.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction, segregation and recycling allows us to improve you carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption making your company more environmentally friendly
  • Removal and disposal or re-use of Chemical Waste ensuring at all times that compliance with local legislation is achieved whilst utilising the most effective and efficient methods.
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