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Haven Conveyors & Handling Systems Ltd have been designing and manufacturing new materials handling products for many years. We have expansive experience of designing roller conveyors and systems that are cost efficient and simple to use.

Our gravity conveyors function without a motor and can transport products manually when horizontal, or by its own weight when the conveyor is on an incline. We can produce gravity conveyors in any length or width to match your needs. They can be used for conveying parcels, boxes, pallets, boards and many more.

Our gravity conveyors also include skatewheel conveyors that are idea for unloading trucks, extendable conveyors that can unload in straight lines only and ball tables or ball transfer units used to turn products 360 degrees.

Belt Conveyors

Our selection of belt conveyors includes flat bed conveyors ideal for any type of packing and assembly products from boxes to large bulk items. These belt conveyors can be established horizontally or at a 30 degree incline.

We also offer troughed belt conveyors used for bulk or granular products, heavy duty troughed belt conveyors mounted on heavy steel idler rollers and belt elevators that can reach inclines up to 70 degrees.

Our range also includes wire-mesh conveyors for hot components, belt bends and our own designed mezzanine conveyors.

Powered Conveyors

Our powered conveyors include a chain driven conveyor that decreases accumulations on the conveyors, and a heavy duty version of this to heavy amounts of steel or timber.

Our supply of powered conveyors also includes belt under roller conveyors in roller or skatewheel types, lineshaft conveyors for flat bottomed products, angled bends and junctions and merges for conveyor lines.

We also have powered turntables able to turn products 360 degrees, 90 degrees transfer units and a full range of support stands, side guides and transfers, end stops and trolleys.

Vehicle Loaders

We can supply vehicle loaders designed for loading small containers into vans that combine extensions to reach vehicles. Lorry loaders are constructed with telescopic belts that reach into the vehicle and are easily mobile.

We also offer skip vehicle loaders ideal for use with bulky items into stockpiles or skips. They are designed as flat or troughed and are manually adjustable and mobile.

Slat and Screw Conveyors

Our slat and screw conveyors consist of piano hinge slay conveyors to be used with hot and scrap metal components. Steel slat conveyors can be used with pallets and larger items like timber.

Other slat and screw conveyors we supply are chain conveyors that contain steel horizontal chains and our screw conveyors that are designed with a helical screw blade running in a steel trough.

Lift Tables

We can supply electrohydraulic lift tables that are durable and use electrically-controlled hydraulic units to change height to suit your working processes. Our manual hydraulic lift tables can be fitted with gravity or roller tops and pallet trunks can be supplied for simple pallet handling.

We also offer lift units perfect for smaller components and can be pneumatically or electrically operated.

Special Purpose Conveyors and Conveyor Systems

We provide a range of special purpose conveyors and conveyor systems including rollover units, jig conveyors and cardboard handling systems.

We also offer shower tray manufactured systems, carousel conveyors and flat pack furniture conveyor systems. Our special purpose conveyors further include kitchen unit systems, shrink wrap machine systems, door manufacturing systems, and pallet handling systems.

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