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Here at Haven Industries Ltd, we are well-known for being a professional fibreglass manufacturer with extensive experience in laminating birthing baths, managing and maintaining the industry's assets. As fibreglass manufacturers, we provide first-class engineering-based services and deal with all aspects of the fibreglass manufacture from waste water cycle containments to marine mouldings.

Storage Tanks

We manufacture fibreglass boxes and storage tanks suitable for holding all types of materials. Our high quality storage tanks are perfect for storing water skis, water toys, rafts, ropes and life jackets on docks. Our storage tanks are strong and durable, also suitable for use as a bench.

Birthing Baths

We manufacture a full and comprehensive series of high quality birthing baths. We support all aspects of the design, manufacture and delivery of birthing baths.

Our birthing baths range includes:

  • New active birth pool
  • Deluxe birth pool
  • Corner birth pool
  • Space saver
  • Elloptical birth pool
  • Circular portable birth pool
  • Oval portable birth pool

Refrigeration Vehicles and Chemical Containment

We provide linings for refrigeration vehicles and chemical containment. Our refrigeration vehicles and chemical containment solutions will contain any compartment of a vehicle for a multitude of elements from liquids to gases.

Plantwash Separator and Recycle Tank

Our plantwash separator and recycle tank range includes double skin foam insulated oil-water separator tank with integral pump chamber and frost protection system. Our cost-effective, above ground plantwash separator and recycle tank is designed to prevent oil from hire-plant wash water from entering the drains and pollution our rivers and streams.

Separator Tank

We manufacture separator tanks for installation underground to separate oils, fats and grease from kitchen wastewater. We produce innovative separator tanks from GRP, to eliminate the need for cathodic protection and corrosion resisting paint systems, but still provide a structurally sound product to withstand external and internal pressures.

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