Haydon Precision Turned Parts


Haydon Precision Turned Parts specialise in the manufacture of CNC machined parts for use in the nuclear, defence, aerospace, leisure and medical industries. We’re based in Sussex and are members of the British Turned Parts Manufacturing Association, and hold ISO 9001 quality accreditation.

Turned Parts

At Haydon Precision Turned Parts we offer parts made to your specifications using advanced CNC turning and milling equipment. Turned parts of diameters of between 2mm and 40mm can be supplied, in materials including titanium, stainless and mild steel, aluminium and bronze. Simple parts, one-off prototypes, and complex designs can be provided.

Our CNC equipment enables us to complete small and medium sized batches in a fast turnaround time to suit you. The CNC milling and turning gear runs for 24 hours a day to avoid delays and hold-ups whilst you wait for a set of parts to be completed.

CNC Machining Services

Hayden Precision Turned Parts use the most up-to-date CNC sliding head equipment for the milling and turning of bespoke parts. We can carry out orders for you on simple and complex part designs depending on your requirements, and have various materials including stainless steel and alloy steels in different grades.

All of our services are provided in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards.

Specialities & Technologies

Haydon Precision Turned Parts specialise in the manufacture of turned parts using CNC machinery. We can supply you with parts in diameters of between 2mm and 40mm, in materials including brass, bronze, aluminium, and mild steel and stainless steel grades.

We provide a fast turnaround once you’ve placed an order with us and can deliver to medium sized batches, long with one-off prototypes. Among the technology sectors we operate in are aerospace, leisure, medical, electro-mechanical, nuclear and defence.  Our staff are on hand to provide advice and assistance on your designs when you first talk to us.

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