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HCC Protective Coatings Ltd can supply a range of anti corrosive coatings for steel and barrier protection. We can give you access to some of the best coating materials available on the market today.

Having many years experience in marketing and development of coatings, you can rest assured that we can provide the best possible standards and expertise to support our clients.

Our range of anti corrosive coatings includes:

  • MIO build coatings
  • Barrier coats
  • Tank linings
  • Apexior

Apexior Coatings

Apexior coatings are so effective that they have become one of the mysteries of the surface coating industry. Every attempt to imitate them has failed and even now, over 100 years since they first entered the market.

Apexior coatings remain the only coating which consistently protect boiler, water storage tanks and tube interiors from corrosive pitting and have been used on steam boilers of the titanic before.

Apexior coatings come in 2 varieties:

  •  Apexior No.1 (special graphite / bitumen compound, ideal for high temperature boilers and surfaces coming into contact with hot water while still being anti-corrosive at the same time)
  •  Apexior No. 3(prefers lower temperatures and makes an ideal ant-corrosive for surfaces that come into contact with fresh water or salt water)
Apexior Coatings

Betonol Floor Coatings

Betonol floor coatings are a ideal floor products and wall coatings for application on concrete and cement substrates. Betonol has a range of polyurethanes and several mortar repair mixes together with clear sealants.

 Betonol floor coatings can either be water based epoxies, high build epoxies, self smoothing epoxies, self texturing, non slip and anti-static systems.

The maintenance and repairs of floors is a major issue in the UK; Betonol coatings are able to provide free technical advice and systems for nearly all eventualities.

Betonol Floor Coatings

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