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HCL manufacture and supply the original double grip plastic hose clamp the Herbie Clip along with its range of Ezyclik hose clip products, the Ezyclik-P & Ezyclik-M snap fit hose clamps. Finally HCL offer high quality Ear Hose Clip. 

2.1 Plastic Hose Clamp - Double Grip - Herbie Clip®
Plastic Snap Fit Hose Clamp - Ezyclik™-P 
2.3 Metal Snap Fit Hose Clamp - Ezyclik™-M
2.4 Zero Leak Ear Clamp


Compensating (Spring) Hose Clamps

HCL offer 2 products within this section. The Ezyclik-M+ Hose Clip widely used in the automotive sector and the Double Wire Spring Hose Clamp.    3.1 Metal Snap Fit Compensating Clamp - Ezyclik™-M+ 3.2 Double Wire Spring Clamp

Worm Drive & Screw Hose Clamps

HCL offera wide range of Worm Drive Hose Clamps. Offering the Worm Drive Hose Clip product in accordance with numerous international standards including BS, DIN & SAE. HCL also provide a Mini Screw Clamp or Petrol Pipe Clip, Quick Release Hose Clamps, Double Wire Screw Clamps and finally a unique Plastic Worm Drive Hose Clip.    4.1 Worm Drive Clamp - British Standard 4.2 Worm Drive Clamp - DIN 3017 - 9mm 4.3 Worm Drive Clamp - DIN 3017 - 12mm 4.4 Worm Drive Clamp - Perforated - SAE 4.5 Quick Release Clamp 4.6 Double Wire Screw Clamp 4.7 Mini Clamp 4.8 Plastic Worm Drive Clamp

Heavy Duty Hose Clamps

HCL have partnered with a number of quality clamp manufacturers to provide the UK market with a European style Bolt & Barrel Hose Clamp, T-Bolt Hose Clip, Preformed Band Clamps & a Super Torque or High Torque Worm Drive Hose Clip.    5.1 Bolt & Barrel Hose Clamp 5.2 T-Bolt Hose Clamp 5.3 Super Torque Worm Drive Hose Clamp 5.4 Preformed Hose Clamps

Cable Retention

To supplement its Hose Clamping range HCL offer a number of cable retention products including the Ezybond Earth Clamp manufactured by HCL in accordance with BS951-2009, The Smart Tie High Strength Cable tie. A huge range of Cable Ties manufactured to the highest standard and conforming to DNV certification. 2 choices of  Stainless Steel 316 ties Ball Lock type and Coated Releasable. Finally HCL offer an extensive range of rubber lined P Clips (P-Clips)  manufactured in accordance with DIN 3016.   6.1 Nylon Earth Clamps - Ezybond BS951-2009 6.2 Heavy Duty Cable Tie - Smart Tie  6.3 Metal Cable Tie - Ball Locking Type 6.4 Metal Cable Tie - Reusable - Coated 6.5 Nylon Cable Tie - Standard 6.6 Nylon Cable Tie - Flat Head 6.7 Rubber Lined Clips - P Clips - PK series - DIN 3016

Banding & Strapping

HCL are known worldwide for their Smart Band product range. Recognised as the strongest non-metallic band & buckle solution available on the market and highly suited to the aggressive offshore environment HCL are market leaders in Banding Solutions. In addition HCL supply a broad range of metal banding products.    7.1 Nylon Banding - Smart Band Standard 7.2 Nylon Banding - Smart Band Hybrid 7.3 Metal Banding

9 Installation Tooling

Finally HCL supply a full range of Manual installation tools for their clamping products. IN addition HCL are world leaders in the manufacture and supply of Pneumatic or Air Hose Clamp tools.    9.1 Manual Tools - Plastic Snap Fit Hose Clamps 9.2 Manual Tools - Metal Snap Fit, Ear & Spring Clamps 9.3 Manual Tools - Worm Drive & Screw Clamps 9.4 Manual Tools - Cable Ties 9.5 Manual Tools - Banding & Strapping 9.6 Pneumatic/Air Tools

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