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Headway was established as a recruitment consultancy to help people looking for jobs in the hotel and catering industry. We have hands-on experience in matching candidates with catering jobs. We give quality attention to both our clients and candidates looking for catering jobs to keep them coming back for more.

Headway Search & Selection

Hotel / Pub / Restaurant and Catering

Recruitment Consultants - OUR BUSINESS IS PEOPLE


Headway Search & Selection was created to provide a detailed understanding for those searching for new and rewarding roles and to companies and businesses looking to fill positions with a skilled workforce: people who strive to enhance their career and build upon the reputation of the employers business.

Employers and employees are confronted with many problems and few recruitment companies understand this. The organisation of Headway Search & Selection has in-depth experience and identifies and provides solutions for these challenging situations.

We are led by Dominic Vedovato who has many years of experience in the hotel and catering industry and can draw on his many high profile positions with international companies as well as from owning a three star two rosette country hotel.

The expertise of Dominic and the team provides personal attention to all and a quality of service to satisfy both candidate and client.

Placing people in the right position is the foundation of our success.

From Kitchen Porters to General Managers

Back of House - Front of House

We have the ability to assist you to find that ideal candidate to enhance your team

Or for the candidate looking to move or promotion - Locate that ideal or perhaps perfect position

Selective & Effective Recruitment marketing and Advertising Solutions

Hotel and Catering Industry

We have a wide portfolio in the hotel and catering industry with clients across the country in hotels and restaurants. Companies differentiate in the way they select, motivate and direct their employees. At Headway, we aim to help candidates find the job they are looking for in the hotel and catering industry.

Selective and Effective Recruitment

We specialise in selective and effective recruitment placing people in the right position -- from kitchen porters to general managers and back of house to front of house. We will assist you in finding the perfect candidate to enhance your team. Our selective and effective recruitment also offers advertising and marketing expertise to our clients businesses.

Quality Service

Quality service is top of our list when it comes to all aspects of recruitment. We use our expertise to pay attention to detail and provide high quality service to satisfy both client and candidate. Our executive director has successfully held extremely high profile positions within companies around the world and owned a fantastic three-star, two-rosette country hotel. 

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