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Heaps, Arnold & Heaps Ltd manufacture a range of Zinc Plating Anodes. These are supplied in:

  • Plate
  • Bullet
  • Oval
  • Ball or Chip form.

Our products are 99.99% minimum purity, conforming to BS 2656: 1972.

Our range of Zinc Plating Anodes are available in 25kg bags or boxes, with plates manufactured to customer dimensions and ovals to any length, drilled & tapped if required.

Zinc Anodes for Cathodic Protection are available to customer specification

Heaps, Arnold & Heaps Ltd offer a tool & mould making facility, enabling us to undertake any extrusion or casting project on a one off basis or large volume runs.

Pure Tin Plating Anodes

Heaps, Arnold & Heaps Ltd have an international reputation within the electronics, plating & spraying industries for high purity tin anodes. Manufactured to 99.95% minimum purity, our extruded range of profiles include ovals, plates, tubes, rods, slugs & wires of varying diameters (1mm - 10mm). Spheres, plates & domes are available as cast items.

Heaps, Arnold & Heaps Ltd offer a tool & mould making facility, enabling us to manufacture any profile or casting to customer specification, either as a one off project or large volume runs. Our range can also be manufactured in tin/lead alloys to suit customer requirements.

Pure Tin Plating Anodes

Chrome Plating Anodes

Manufactured in-house & to customer specification, Chrome Plating anodes by Heaps, Arnold & Heaps are available in 4% tin/lead & 7% tin/lead for the decorative and hard chrome plating industries. 6% antimony, silver/lead and other alloys are available.

We offer a range of standard hook configurations that can be sized to suit any bus bar & can manufacture hooks to customer specification. A large range of blade sizes and profiles are available from stock & bespoke profiles can be manufactured to suit customer requirements.

Product Overview

  • Anodes available in Tin, Antimonial & Silver alloys
  • Alternative/special alloys on request
  • Range of standard hooks to suit any bus bar
  • Bespoke hooks can be manufactured in house
  • Wide range of blade sections
Chrome Plating Anodes

Capsol Solder Products

Manufactured in the U.K. and accredited by NMBS, the Capsol Range of plumbing solders comprises:

  • Capsol (leaded) Plumbers wire
  • 99c (lead free) wire
  • Capsol solder bars
  • 99c bars
  • Tinmans Solder Sticks

Our wires are manufactured to 3.2mm diameter, in either 250grm or 500grm reel sizes & can be supplied on unbranded labels if specified.

The Capsol Range is manufactured in accordance with the quality procedures adopted by Heaps, Arnold & Heaps Ltd, with certificates of conformity available on request.

Capsol Solder Products

General Lead Products

Heaps, Arnold & Heaps Ltd extrude and cast a large range of Lead & Lead alloy sections, offering a range of standard products and sizes. Our production capability is also increased by our tool and mould making facility, enabling us to manufacture our Lead products to any size or specification.

Our range includes

  • Lead Ingots - available in Lead, Tin/Lead, Antimony/Lead and other alloys
  • Lead Plates - To customer specification
  • Lead Tape - 1mm wide to 100mm wide in varying thicknesses
  • Lead Wire - 0.4mm to 100mm
  • Lead Pellets – For ballasting
  • Beaded Lead Wire - 14grm/mtr to 200grm/mtr
  • Lead Stampings - Lead Washers, Lead Discs, Lead Buttons
  • Lead Castings - Lead Ballast Blocks, Lead Fillings, to customer spec
  • Lead tubes/sleeves - Inside diameter from 5mm to 150mm
  • Lead Ballast - Lead Castings, Lead Blocks, Lead Pellets, Beaded Lead Wire
  • Lead Shielding - Lead Bricks, Lead Sheet, Lead Plates, Lead Pots
  • Lead Covered Products – Lead covered copper wire/bar.

Our range of products is available in Lead, Tin/Lead, Antimony/Lead, and Silver/Lead, with specials available on request.

General Lead Products

Lead Ballast

Heaps, Arnold & Heaps manufacture a wide range of lead ballasting materials suitable for many marine, offshore and subsea applications. We also manufacture Lead ballast for other applications, for example, Aerospace Weights, Boom Truck Weights, Forklift Truck Weights, Elevator/Lift Weights, Material Handling Weights, Camera Weights, Theatrical Weights, Crane Weights, Bridge Weights, Sash Window Weights, Hoist Test Weights and Agriculture Weights

Our lead ballest range includes:

Lead Ingots.  With a maximum density of 11340kg/m3, lead ingots are a simple and cost effective solution to many applications requiring ballast. Available in a range of sizes or weights, lead ingots are suitable as basic ballast for ship, boat and yacht keels

Lead Pellets. Available in a range of sizes, lead pellets are suitable for packing air space when used in conjunction with lead ingots, or as a standalone ballast material. Lead pellets can be used for ballasting models or filling dive weight pouches. Lead pellets can be supplied bagged in specific weights to suit customer, or in standard 20kg bags

Lead Blocks. Cast to customer specification, ranging from grams through to several tonnes, Lead blocks are an ideal solution for ship, boat and yacht keels

Lead ballast rod. Used in the manufacture of subsea umbilical systems as a ballast/filler, Lead ballast rods are available in any diameter, with or without central core. Lead ballast rod can be supplied coiled/ wound in lengths or weights to suit customer project

Lead Counterweights. Cast to cusomer specification, and used in applications such as the manufacture/refurbishment of passenger elevators/lifts, crane and hoist weights

Custom Lead Castings. Heaps, Arnold and Heaps Ltd can provide Lead ballast solutions for special projects. We can fill fabricated boxes or forms supplied by client, or can arrange boxes or forms to be fabricated and filled

Lead Ballast

Lead Came

Lead Came, used in stained glass windows and leaded lights, is manufactured by Heaps, Arnold & Heaps Ltd in a vast range of styles & sizes. These include flat, round & beaded leafs in sizes ranging from 1/8" through to 1.1/4", with hearts from 1/8" through to 1/2". 'Y', 'C' & 'U' sections, as well as capping sections are also available. Our Lead Came is available through glass stockists Pearsons Glass, with branches in Liverpool, Greenford & East Kilbride

Lead Came

Lead Sash Bar & Weights

Traditionally used in counterbalanced sash windows, Lead Sash Bars & Weights are manufactured by Heaps, Arnold & Heaps in a variety of sizes and weights. These include, square, round or rectangular sections, either solid or with 12mm diameter central hole. Standard lengths are 600mm, 1000mm & 1200mm, and our cutting service can provide bespoke lengths or specific weights.

Our bars & weights can also be supplied with a high quality plastic coating for more environmentally conscious projects.

Heaps, Arnold & Heaps Ltd can offer a tool & mould making facility, giving our customers the flexibility to specify any profile or size.

Product Overview

  • Square Sections
  • Round Sections
  • Rectangular Sections
  • Solid or with 12mm central hole
  • 600mm, 1000mm, 1200mm standard lengths
  • Bars cut to length/weight
  • Eyebolts to suit 12mm central hole
  • Sash Cords
  • Plastic Coated Bars & Weights
Lead Sash Bar & Weights

Radiation Shielding

Heaps, Arnold & Heaps Ltd manufacture a range of products for the medical, research, defence & nuclear power industries, where protection against harmful radiation is required.

Our range includes:

  • Lead Bricks
  • Lead Plates
  • Lead Castings
  • Lead Isotope Pots, coated if required
  • Lead Strip
  • Lead Tubes
  • Lead Sheet

Our machining facility enables us to manufacture any complex component to our customer specification

Radiation Shielding

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