Heart of England Limited

Heart of England Limited was set up in early 2007, having acquired elements of the trade of Jones & Barclay Limited, which had ceased trading in December 2006.    The company manufactures and supplies a number of lines to the DIY and Architectural Hardware Trades, as well as Stationery and Box manufacturers.    Due to the fact that card frames and label holders can be difficult to source as they are not generally available in retail outlets the company is normally happy to supply individual and small requests - please feel free to e-mail or call.   Products include 
  • Card frames/ Label Holders (Brass, Aluminium & Steel)
  • Concealed Door Closers (Priory & Castle Brands)
  • Door  Numerals (2" Aluminium, Brass & Stainless Steel)
  • Dome Headed Mirror Screws (CP Brass Domes, ZP Steel Screws)
  • Double Ball Catches (Brass)
  • Cupboard Catches (EB, NP, FB)
  • Door Viewers
  • Wardrobe Rod Sockets and Centre Supports
  • Brass Tallies / Key Labels
  • Oval Link Chain
  • Escutcheons
  • Cupboard Knobs

Our aim is to offer quality products, at a fair price, and to maintain a high standard of customer service.

We hope our customers will say that we are a pleasure to deal with - we certainly try to be. 

Door Numerals

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Door Viewers

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Mirror Screws

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Oval Link Chain

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Cupboard Knobs

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Heart of England Ltd

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