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Infra-red heating is now widely recognised as being the most energy efficient heat source for many industrial processes. Heat Infra-red Ltd have numerous heating systems in place throughout the country in very varied and diverse process situations. These include drying, curing, pre-heating, powder coating, food industry heating, textiles finishing and many more. We offer a wide range of services from consultancy and research through to design and build.

Industrial Heating Products

Electric infra-red heating is the most efficient form of heating you can use. It can be incorporated into almost any industrial manufacturing process that involves heating. Infra-red heating equipment can be supplied as 'off-the-shelf' items or can be tailor-made to the individual needs of the customer. In general, custom built heating is much more economical to use as it has been designed specifically for the application. As manufacturers we are experts at delivering bespoke equipment designed for purpose.

Industrial Heating Products

Infra-red Paint Dryers

The HLP mobile Infrared paint curing system offers one of the most cost-effective answers to automotive paint drying presently available. Incorporating a new short-wave quartz lamp, the system allows quick, economical and convenient drying of primers, sealers, top coats, clear lacquers and water based products. Specially designed cassettes with individual switches house the 'GC' Powerslim quartz lamps, allowing a flexible even spread of heat to any area. There are several models available, depending on the area coverage you require.

Infra-red Paint Dryers

Industrial Infra-red Heating Applications

Electric infra-red heating is the most efficient form of heating you can use. It can be incorporated into almost any industrial manufacturing process that involves heating.There are some applications where it is well proven and widely used like powder coating ovens and heaters for drying and curing coatings applied to wood, plastics and metals. Where an application is less common, our consultancy service includes a free feasibility trial.

Industrial Infra-red Heating Applications

Industrial Process Trials

Industrial Process Trials - We Can Help You Improve Your Business Performance!

If you have:

  • long heating process times
  • production bottlenecks

And want to:

  • reduce your energy costs
  • speed up production
  • improve energy efficiency
  • improve the working environment
  • reduce running costs
  • save space

Then we can help!

Our demonstration service exists to enable you to witness and prove the concept of energy efficient infra-red heating on your particular product before you make any financial commitment and without disruption to your everyday production

Industrial Process Trials

Consultancy Service

Industrial Process and heating Consultancy Service - Heat Infra-red Ltd offers a professional consultancy service to anyone who needs advice or technical help. We already act as consultants for a number of large, medium and small businesses in the UK and provide a broad range of technical services including: -

  • General Process heating advice
  • Process heating trials
  • Temperature testing
  • Temperature data-logging
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical reports
  • Long-term change management
  • Talks and seminars
Consultancy Service

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