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Inheritance Tax, Will Writing and Estate Planning

Inheritance Tax, Will Writing and Estate Planning are the last things you want to think about in a very busy schedule. It is very difficult to get to know and understand fully the implications of all legislation and if it is not your line of work you probably don't want to spend many hours reading up on the subject. Yet, planning and continuous, regular review is key to successfully making the most of your lifetime's work. Heritage Law are here to help you achieve that in two ways:

*Development and implementation of a Will Writing Strategy
*Provision of ongoing support to that and any Inheritance Tax Strategy.

Development and implementation of a will writing strategy

DEVELOPMENT - Everyone's personal circumstances differ in some way and each strategy has to be tailored to best suit the planning needs of the individual or couple. For this reason the first thing we do is sit down with you to make a basic assessment of your potential Estate and the impact current legislation would have on that Estate. If, between us, we identify a need to make provision to reduce as far as possible any impact we will advise on how this could be achieved.

You may be a business owner/partner/Director shareholder, quite often there will be a need for provision to be made in the business to reflect your personal plans to ensure successful continuity or closure of the business. All of these things and more are taken into consideration when formulating the strategy.

IMPLEMENTATION - Any strategy is useless unless implemented, so once concluded we take your strategy away and create the necessary contracts, deeds and trust information consulting with you throughout until you are happy. But it doesn't end there life never remains a simple constant, many things change, in law and personal circumstances, giving rise to the need for ongoing support.

Provision of ongoing support to the strategy and any Inheritance Tax Strategy

This phase lasts for the remainder of life and consists of the following benefits:

WILL AMENDMENTS / ALTERATIONS: We undertake to amend/alter your Will(s) as often as your circumstances and wishes change. For example a change in Executors, Guardians, Nominated Gifts, Beneficiaries etc.

CHANGES IN LEGISLATION: We will inform you of any changes in legislation and if necessary amend your Wills accordingly

PROBATE ASSISTANCE: We will play a key role in the administration of your Individual Estate(s). Probate is, for many, an unfamiliar and complicated procedure faced at a distressing time. We will help your partner or nominated Executors deal with all aspects of the administration process of your estate FREE of charge, saving hundreds if not thousands of pounds. With certain married couples, as a result of the size of their individual estates, this process will have to be undertaken twice (on the event of each death).

SECURE STORAGE OF WILLS AND OTHER DOCUMENTS: We undertake to store your Will(s) and any other important documents that you wish to keep with your Will(s), such as Life Assurance Policies, Share/Bond Certificates and even the Title Deeds to your Home. Retrieval of such documents is FREE of charge and is guaranteed within Forty Eight Hours (48 hours) of your request.

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