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Herma UK Ltd

Unique achievements usually have one thing in common with one another: the will to go on improving at all times. The knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the product, the production process and the applications is a success factor that has made HERMA unique to this day.

For over 100 years, you have been able to count on top “Made in Germany” quality from HERMA. And Germany is our choice for the future too. For us, that is a sign of constancy and of our trust in the innovative creativity and the dependability of our people, and it drives us to achieve top quality in the future too.

Herma UK Ltd

HERMA Labelling

HERMA always develops labels from the user’s perspective – that’s the only way to turn products into genuine, relevant solutions. To ensure that it offers genuine, relevant solutions, HERMA makes its products evolve dynamically with all PC printer systems.


  • CD and DVD Labels
  • Files Labels + Index Tabs
  • Address Labels
  • Identification, marking, numbering
  • Price/Merchandise labeling
  • Outdoor Lables
HERMA Labelling


An original, self-compiled album is a source of pleasure – both to make and to view. HERMA mounting aids let you give free reign to your creativity. With photo corners, photo stickers, glues, glue sticks or glue dispensers, you can stick photos and other materials securely to all surfaces. The solvent and acid-free HERMA adhesives technology ensures photo-safe, sure archiving of photographic material for decades.

  • Photo Stickers
  • Photo Corners
  • Glue
  • Tab / Glue Dispenser
  • Glue Stick
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Transfer Adhesive Sheets A5
  • Transfer Adhesive Sheets 12 x 12 inch


Working efficiently means knowing exactly where to retrieve important documents and photos. HERMA archiving systems provide an ideal, sure and personalised way of sorting and compiling photos, slides, negatives and documents.

  • Albums and Photobooks
  • Transparent Photot Pockets Fotophan
  • Pockets for Postcards
  • Photo Cardboard
  • Pockets for Slide Presentation
  • Negative Pockets
  • CD Archive Pockets
  • SD Archive Pockets
  • CD Pockets made Of Paper


Decorative labels and stickers in a colourful collection of favourite designs to satisfy every creative urge and suit every occasion. Brighten up and beautify pictures, invitations, letters or notes, use them as gift or reward stickers, or to collect and share!

  • Decorative Stickers
  • Labels for Books
  • Creative
  • Household Labels
  • Tatoos
  • Hangers
  • Sticker Albums
  • Design Spine Lables
  • Postcard Labels
  • Warning Birds
  • Window-Decoration
  • Stickers


Books and documents need protection. HERMA keeps everything in good shape. With solutions that stand the test of time. HERMA exercise book covers now come in more colours, sizes and materials than ever before. A meaningful colour system can help you to organize the contents of your school bag and desk.

  • HERMA Book Covers
  • Self-Adhesive Films
  • Book Cover Films Not Self Adhesive
  • Exercise Book Covers (PP-FILM)
  • Exercise Book Covers (Paper, Recycling)
  • Folder, A4
  • Document Covers
  • Elasticated Folder A4

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