Heron Search & Selection


Why Heron?

Heron employs a refreshingly personal approach to finding you the ideal candidate - at a fraction of the cost of other recruitment agencies.


The business was established in 1999 in response to increasing frustration with an industry that has become consolidated, complacent and outrageously costly. Technology that should have led to lower costs and targeted recruitment has instead created monster companies with monster databases and monstrous fees.


Every HR manager knows what it is to be swamped with inappropriate CVs churned out by out-of-date databases.

At Heron, I never confuse choice with lack of focus and firmly believe in human resource, not computer resource.


Precision Personnel Placement

Firstly, and most importantly, my aim is to be recognised for the consistent high level of service given to both clients and candidates through the recruitment process.


For every position I prefer to begin by meeting with clients, taking the time to find out who – not what – you are looking for. Once satisfied that I understand all requirements, then I start to network within your sector.


At Heron, I seek out staff of the highest calibre who will not be classed as job hoppers.


Finally, every single applicant is personally reviewed and approved by me before they are recommended to clients.


Many recruitment companies today are satisfied if as few as 40 per cent of their candidates are successful. Their low aspirations reflect the level of care taken in selecting candidates.

At Heron, I expect to achieve success rates of at least 75 per cent.



Precision Pays

At Heron, the terms of business are tailored to build long term relationships and so reflect a lower charging structure than many search consultancies. I hope that I am right in identifying your company as a potential partner.

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