Hicks and Weatherburn Ltd


At Hicks & Weatherburn we manufacture and supply a full range of decorative paints in a variety of finishes aiming to produce the best quality products at affordable prices.Whether your requirement is for 5 litres or 500 litres in any colour or any finish, contact us and we'll do our utmost to meet your needs.

We also specialise in Theatrical paints and coatings supplying a variety of theatres, set designers, studios and film makers. Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to test, approve and supply clients  quickly and efficiently.

We are Leeds' oldest manufacturing company still in operation.

All our water based paints contain zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds - solvents) according to EU 2010 Limits. They conform to Category A/a which specifies a maximum level of 30 grams VOC per litre of paint. 

We only use polymeric binders in the paint we make from a European supplier and they comply with the strict EU limits on levels of residual monomers in their products.

Finally our factory produces absolutely minimal amounts of waste. Any wastewater is recycled (as are solvents) with nothing discharged into the main sewer; all the packaging (paper,plastic & cardboard) is recycled; empty containers are recycled (plastic & metal). We strive to continually upgrade the performance of our products through raw material selection and independent testing of our paint

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