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We are a manufacturer of copper  foil and strip covered with an insulator in a wide variety of formats.  They are ideal for use as  the screen in toroidal or laminated transformers. They are also suitable for use as the winding in mains and switchmode transformers.

 Have a look at  our Web site to see some examples of the configurations we can produce. We can produce small quantities of insulated foil to your specification and supply screening products from stock.

We can also supply standard round wire from a number of materials.

Insulated Copper Foil

  • Available in a variety of styles.
  • Here are just a few examples


  • HP01

Fully insulated with an adhesive tape which includes a 6.0mm overlap

  • HP02

Laminated with an adhesive tape on both sides

  • HP04

Has a partial wrap with adhesive tape

  • HP08

Secured to a non adhesive insulator on one side

  • HP10

Copper with adhesive on one side.

Insulated Copper Foil

Plain copper Foil

  • Thickness - 0.05mm to 2.0mm
  • Width - 3.0mm to 305mm
  • Large range in stock
  • Other sizes slit to order
  • Small to large quantities
Plain copper Foil


The following insulators are available as adhesive or non adhesive, and seperately or laminated onto our range of foil:

  • Class B (130C) Polyester (Pet)
  • Class F (155C) Kladex (Pen)
  • Class H (200C) Kapton (Polyarmid)
  • Class H (180C) Nomex

Die Cut Shapes

  • We can also supply copper shapes 
  • Insulated on one or both sides
  • Adhesive backed
Die Cut Shapes

Induction LoopConductors

We can also manufacture a range of sizes of foil suitable for use in induction loop systems.

Induction LoopConductors

Copper Screen

We manufacture copper screens suitable for both

laminated and toroidal transformers.

Copper Screen

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