Hillstone Products Ltd

Hillstone Products supply a wide range of AC & DC load banks, the CellScan battery monitoring system plus special battery chargers and power supplies.

Standard load banks include

Single phase range 1 to 100kW, 110V or 240V
Three phase range 10 to 400kW, 380-480V
DC range manual control
dual voltage designs
automatic testing with constant power or current control
12V to 600V ratings up to 300kW
Fuel cell load banks and special designs to customers requirements

Hire fleet
Single phase load banks up to 14kW
Three phase load banks up to 100kW
DC load banks: 12V to 520V
Battery chargers: 24V, 48V & 130V

CellScan Battery monitoring systems
24V and 48V telecom applications
UPS systems up to 600V
Petro-Chem, offshore oil and gas installations
Commercial banking and Internet providers

Battery Chargers & power supplies
Single cells chargers and dischargers
Portable chargers for trackside application
Multivoltage battery chargers and power supplies
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