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Cases Packed With Ideas

Hofbauer (UK) Ltd was established in 1986 with a reputation for quality going back as far as 1902 when our manufacturing base, Gregor Hofbauer GmbH, was established.

Hofbauer products have been continually developed taking advantage of advancements in both material and manufacturing technology.

Plastic Cases

All our cases feature the latest technology and materials - which ensures maximum life-cycle.
The high quality of our cases is matched by our attentive service, including foam insert design and fitting or bespoke interiors.

Plastic Cases

Moulded Cases

As Europe’s leading manufacture of Extrusion Blow Moulded cases, Hofbauer has earned a reputation for quality and innovation that is reflected in our market leading range of cases.

Moulded Cases

Custom Cases

In an ideal world, all cases could be the same size. In practice, the infinite variety of valuable and fragile electronic, scientific and computer equipment make this impossible.

Custom cases for your most unusual requirements. Fortunately, that’s where our rugged custom cases shine. Hofbauer custom made cases protect even the most unusual combinations of size, accessories and contents against the rigours of local or international shipping.

Custom cases don’t come much more ‘custom’ than products such as Polybox or Flitebag – both hand made to suit your requirement. Naturally, your custom designed cases can include specially engineered quality fittings to suit your individual needs 

Custom Cases

Flight Cases

Forget the cases you use for your annual holiday flight. Hofbauer flight cases are tough plastic flight cases, aluminium flight cases & plywood flight cases designed to protect the most sensitive contents on the road. Designed with the attention to detail you expect from Hofbauer, products like Flitebag, Thermodyne and Amazon combine high quality, Designed Interiors and eye-catching design for top performance. Whatever you’re moving – across town or across the world – our custom flight cases offer a tough, durable solution.

The performance of Hofbauer flightcases is in the detail:

  • Flight cases in a range of colours to complement your brand
  • Rugged handles and wheels for easy handling
  • Options to specify moulded lettering and personalise yourThermodyne flight cases
Flight Cases
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