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Fume cupboard maintenance is Holliday Fielding Hocking speciality. We are a  family run business based in Leeds. We are a fume cupboard dynasty going back over 50 years with both 3rd and 4th generation Holliday’s working for the company. Rather than mass producing or providing glossy brochures, we pride ourselves on giving a one to one personal service. Preferring to liaise direct with our clients to tailor the product however small to their needs.

Ever aware of our duties to the environment and conscious that not all our customers can afford nor want a new system, we are very proud to announce the first FUMECUPBOARD HOSPITAL. If you have equipment which needs attention but has many years of shelf life left we are happy to take this into our ‘ hospital’ were we will take great care in restoring it back to it’s ‘former glory’ and returning it safely back to you.

Maintenance & Servicing by Holliday Technical Services

Holliday Technical Services is the servicing arm of Holliday Fielding Hocking ensuring all your servicing needs are carried out to a high standard.

Unlike many other companies our servicing is carried out by our own team of engineers who are constantly monitered and checked for standards.

Fumecupboard maintenance and servicing to BS 7258 part 3, BS EN14175 and current COSHH regulations.

Does your laboratory equipment comply with the law?

It is required by law (under BS7258 and COSHH Regulation 9) that all fume cupboard and extraction systems are serviced annually.

Regular maintenance is essential for legal purposes. It is also the way to ensure trouble free operation and peace of mind.

  • Quality organisations must ensure that time is not lost to faulty equipment.
  • Accidents can be prevented by regular preventative maintenance.
  • Well maintained equipment will work more efficiently and last longer.

Holliday Technical Services. offers a basic COSHH testing service through to a comprehensive maintenance and servicing agreement to organisations with installed fume cupboards and local exhaust ventilation systems. This facility can be modified and adapted to suit clients individual requirements.

The Maintenance and service agreement comprises of:

  • Testing of airflow, adjustment of dampers if required and provide a certificate of compliance
  • 21-Point annual service visit
  • 5-Point Intermediate service visit at 6 months
  • Priority rapid call out service in case of running failure at any time
Maintenance & Servicing by Holliday Technical Services


Optimum fume cupboard performance relies on correct design of a suitable incorporating a range of fans to comply fully with the latest standards.

For a fume cupboard to perform satisfactorily it must be connected to an appropriate ventilation system which extract fumes efficiently from the fume cupboard and discharges them outside the building in such a manner that they are adequately dispersed and do not re-enter the buildings or otherwise present a potential hazard or nuisance.

The air extracted through a fume cupboard is far greater than the normal extract rate of a room or laboratory and to prevent excessive build up of negative pressure within the laboratory which often reduces the performance of the fume cupboard then a balanced make up air system should be introduced. This should be designed in such a way that the make-up air introduced into the laboratory should not interfere with the air movement and patterns around the fume cupboard and should still maintain a small negative pressure within the laboratory.

Holliday Fielding Hocking has many years experience in designing and specifying fume extraction and make up air systems and would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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