Holt Broadcast Services Ltd

Holt Broadcast Services provides high-quality metalwork products predominantly for the broadcast and electronics industries, offering prototype creation and batch fabrication through to finishing, painting, plating, screen-printing and engraving. A great deal of custom work is also undertaken. Many of the company¿s standard products are adaptable: the "case "products are often used in the development of enclosure designs. Where there is insufficient time for the production of full engineering drawings, work can be undertaken from sketches or from as little as telephone instructions, although many customers take advantage of the facility to e-mail drawings.

Investing in new technology, Holt Broadcast Services works both for and with its customers in order to provide the best solutions to their requirements, working to tight schedules, and understanding the need for rapid turnaround. The aim of the company has always been to combine the craftsmanship of traditional metalworking with the ability to be both flexible and economical, resulting in a finished product that is both unique and professional.
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