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We can supply woodworking machinery or woodworking equipment across the United Kingdom. We can supply woodworking equipment from CNC machining, presses to lathes and routers.

Our woodworking equipment cover many industrial clients from across the country. We import only the best and most reliable woodworking machines. We have the experience and expertise you need to choose the very best model for your needs.

We also provide the following woodworking equipment:

  • Rip saws
  • Cross cut saws
  • Copy/CNC bandsaws
  • CNC routers
  • Wide belt sanders
  • Lathes
  • Wood turning lathes
  • CNC machining centres and many more

Woodworking Machinery

We provide only the highest-quality woodworking machinery and CNC equipment at prices to suit you. We supply leading brands through Japanese and European companies such as Heian Corporation and Locatelli Macchine for example.

Our machinery can assist customers with the investment of high-quality woodworking machinery and equipment. The start-up cost of the correct type of woodworking machinery for your application can soon be recovered.

Whatever the application, CNC routers, five axis machining centres, moulding, sawing, planing, sanding, or wood turning, there is a woodworking machine to do it quicker and more efficiently.

Woodworking Machinery

CNC Routers

We are renowned the world over as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance, precision heavy duty CNC routers and machining centres for the wood, plastics, light metal and mould tool and die manufacturing industries.

We have a comprehensive range of woodworking machinery with over 7,000 CNC routers installed worldwide. Production has seen an unbroken record of growth every year, and we are proud to supply some of the worlds leading companies including Boeing, GKN Aerospace, Rochling Group, Permali, Haworth, The Global Group, Honda, Herman Miller, Fuji Heavy Industries, Toshiba, Yamaha and many more.

Having made the world's first circular cutting CNC router in April, 1969, the range of machinery has expanded since to encompass CNC machinery of enormous variety, size and complexity. The key features of Heian are quality, reliability, and high performance. In recent times, the development has concentrated on producing ever more versatile, flexible, machining centres, combining routing, automatic tool changing, boring units, sawing and moulding.

Machinery manufactured by us includes:

• CNC router
• 5 Axis CNC routers
• CNC machining centres
• Special CNC machines for caravan and motor home manufacturing
• CNC machining centres for plastics and resin engineering
• CNC interior/exterior door processing lines
• Kitchen door processing lines
• CNC machinery for the manufacture of timber framed housing

CNC Routers

Woodturning Lathes

We are recognised as a major supplier of woodturning lathes. The demand for turned wood products has increased, due to consumer awareness and appreciation of the natural beauty of turned quality wood products. The achievement of such quality and high rate of production is only possible by the use of equipment of substantial design and technology and Locatelli Macchine SRL fulfil this requirement.

Woodturning lathes occupy the largest area in the wood-turning field being the means of turning all kinds of legs, spindles, handles, newel posts etc, the list is almost endless. Locatelli manufacture a wide range of automatic lathes based upon the traditional configuration, the Multimatik and the OMK-300 being prime examples in a sophisticated form. For high volume production of such articles as knobs, chess pieces, toy parts, wooden curtain rings, wooden salt and pepper mills and finials however, lathes of a different format are required and these may be described as the through-feed type. Locatelli cater for all types and designs of wood turnings and manufacture a very comprehensive range of woodturning lathes.

Woodturning lathes manufactured by Locatelli Macchine include:

• Locatelli Ariete 3
• Locatelli Miniariete 45
• Locatelli Bigariete
• Locatelli Multimatik MK-CNC Lathe
• Locatelli Multimatik MKSE-CC Lathe
• Locatelli OMK 300
• Locatelli UF 150/220 Transfer Unit
• Locatelli OMK 300 TL
• Locatelli Orientalmatic Sanding machine
• Locatelli Ringmatic

Woodturning Lathes

Woodworking Machines

HolzMann Maschinen is committed to supplying high-quality woodworking machines and workshop tools and accessories at competitive prices. We also have hand tools and ancillary equipment for use in the workshop. We are major suppliers of woodworking machines including saws, spindle moulders, dimension saws, panel saws, presses, and planers.

Every machine is individually quality controlled and are only released to the warehouse when they conform 100 percent  to Holzmann's quality checks.

To accommodate the expanding machinery and product range, we are continually investing in the expansion of warehousing and storage facilities to enable the company to accommodate more machinery and equipment to facilitate shorter delivery times.

Machinery manufactured includes:

• Classical woodworking machinery
• Combination planer and thicknesser
• Surface planer
• Thicknesser
• Spindle moulders
• Dimension saws
• Panel saws
• Combination panel saw/spindle moulder
• Combination/Universal machine with 5 operations
• Wood turning lathes
• Power feeders
• Workshop dust extraction systems
• Belt sanding/linisher machine
• Belt and edge sanding machine
• Oscillating edge belt sanding machine
• Tilting oscillating edge belt sanding machine
• Vertical/horizontal mortising machines
• Multispindle boring machine with 21 spindles
• Bandsaws
• Wide belt sanding machines
• Four sided planer/moulders with 5th universal head
• Gluing presses
• Veneering presses
• Workshop tools and accessories

Woodworking Machines

CNC Bandsaw

MZ Project was established in the late 1980s and they have many years of experience in the woodworking industry on an international scale. This experience and knowledge have led to the development of several unique production solutions.

They are located in the heart of the woodworking industry. The constant contact and consultation with their clients and end users of their machinery has given them the opportunity to improve on the design and construction of the CNC bandsaw machinery.

Our machines are utilized by a wide variety of companies, ranging from the 'two man company' to the large industrial concern. The main concentration is for machinery and cutting systems for processing straight and curved solid wood components for chair manufacturing, furniture manufacturing and upholstery manufacturers. Specialist machinery is also manufactured for wood Lamelos (thick wooden veneers) for the parquet industry, musical instruments and sports equipment.

Machinery manufactured includes:

  • Cross cut saw systems for wide and heavy timber
  • Rip saw system for timber up to 6 metres in length
  • Copy band-saws and CNC band-saw centres for curved and shaped parts
  • Special band-saw system for cutting thick wood veneers
CNC Bandsaw

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