Horges GmbH Lagertechnik


As producer we deliver steel shelf in high qaulity for attractive prices. Our shelves (galvanized or plastic-coated) offer diverse solutions for industry, trade, handcraft, and archives. 
Boltless shelving units and bolted shelves are individually planed on your request and often delivered within 48 hours.
We offer special shelves and constructions for almost all stored goods.

We are RAL RG 614/1 certified!
Production, planning, development and fitting with 3-D- Service.
Shelves for documents, shelving racks, racking systems, cantilever racks, pallet racks, plastic containers, transportation devices, workbenches,  closets.
Check our online shop and special offers at www.horges.de.
Our interactive CD-ROM-Catalogue can generate more than 2500 shelving solutions with more than 1000 parts.
New CD-ROM- Catalogue for resellers.

Our further products.
Tyre shelves, Shelf systems of metal, Warehouse shelves, Industrial shelves, Compartment shelving, Continuous shelves, All-purpose shelves, Warehouse and business premise equipment etc.

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