Horkesley Electronics Ltd

Horkesley Electronics Limited is a company offering design expertise in electronics, electronic equipment and product design. We also offer a custom software development service. This includes the development of microcontroller, embedded microprocessor and PC based systems.

Our expertise ranges from from the development of small electronic assemblies to full product design, development and manufacture.

We offer a mechanical design service to compliment the electronics systems. This enables us to offer a complete development service for custom production jigging and test systems.

This combination of electronics, software and mechanical engineering enables us to offer a design and development service to meet many company needs.

* A brief summary of our areas of expertise * Electronic development * Electronic circuit and equipment design * Product design * Specialised test equipment design * RF system design * Servo and stepper motor systems * Power control, FET, SCR, triac and IGBT systems * Interfacing to PLC * PC interfacing, serial, parallel and optical * High voltage equipment design for product safety testing * Production test equipment * Product LVD test systems * Software development * Embedded microprocessor systems * PC software development. C/C++ and Visual Basic * Microcontroller software * Other services provided * Mechanical design and manufacture * Prototype and model making * Electronic assembly manufacture * PCB design service

If you have a requirement for the design, development or manufacture of a product, test equipment or a system then contact Horkesley Electronics Limited
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