Horsemat Ltd

Along with mats supplied to the Equestrian market - we also supply matting for industrial and
commercial requirements.

These range from standard rolls of:
  • Walkway matting
  • Stair treads
  • Anti-fatigue mats
  • Door entry mats
  • Electrical Switchboard Matting
  • Oil Resistant Mats
Depending on your application and type of business, we may process these products through our
industrial company, East Anglian Sealing Co Ltd and details of the items available can be found on
their web site at

The links below will take you to the East Anglian Sealing Co site page, showing relevant details - if
you require further information, please do not hesistate in contacting us at or

Roll Floor Mats

For lighter weight boxes and trailers, a thinner mat can be used.
These are lighter, and so need to cover a larger area to ensure they do not move in transit. We can supply Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting in 1.2m to 2m wide roll form, in thicknesses from 4.5mm and 6mm (fabric reinforced for strength) up to 9.5mm thick. Special production is possible to produce these mats at up to 20mm thickness, however handling and total weight must then be considered. While we can supply some of these mats in different rib designs and colours the norm is Black. 

Grass Protection Mesh

Grass Protection Mesh will permanently protect the grass roots from damage and help prevent rutting.
For temporary applications Grass Protection Mesh is simply rolled out and pinned down for immediate use. Grass Protection Mesh can also be covered with coarse grit or 6mm pea gravel providing a long lasting solution to muddy ground. When used in conjunction with a membrane, it is ideal for creating path ways, buggy paths and access to all other areas subject to heavy pedestrian use. 

Hollow Rubber Mats

In the workplace, hollow mats are used as anti-fatigue mats - a softer surface while standing, ensures that there is minimal muscular and skeletal stress while also producing that same safe, non-slip surface. 

'Soft-Fall' Mats

We offer a range of soft foam mats in EVA used for Yoga, Pilates, Judo, Karate etc and as general purpose soft area matting for children and adults. The mats are available in bright colours and are light-weight and easily transportable. 

Crumb Rubber Mats

This makes crumb tiles particularly useful in horse-walkers or on hard-surface pathways around stables where horses are regularly required to walk. 

Moulded Ramp Mats

For more conventional lorries, the moulded ramp mat in black rubber can be used. The weight of these mats is sometimes an issue and before selecting this type of mat it is advisable to check the ramp for adjustment to allow for the extra weight (2 mats are normally used at 54kgs in total). 

Wet Area Matting

For wash down areas, or areas where fast drainage and good grip or anti slip properties are required (such as around swimming pools) our hollow section matting is one of the most suitable mats available. 

Plastic Sheet

We also supply various grades of plastic sheeting (Nylon, Polypropylene, Acetal, PVC etc) and this includes clear PVC sheet and strip that can also be used for partition sheets in horseboxes. This is particularly useful with horses that like to see more light at feet level. 

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