Hosokawa Micron Ltd

Hosokawa Micron Ltd is a leading innovator in powder processing technologies pioneering new and unique engineered solutions that deliver product, market and financial advantages for customers.

Hosokawa Micron Ltd provides a renowned single source supply of powder and particle processing equipment and services across pharmaceutical, chemical, food, metals, powder coatings, cosmetics, rubber, soaps and detergents, ceramics, toner, nuclear and plastics industries.

We work closely and in partnership with customers and strive to provide the optimum solution to individual size reduction, mixing, classifying, filling and weighing, screening, containment, nanotechnology and integrated processing and plant performance problems which deliver recognisable and tangible benefits.

Hosokawa Micron Ltd is a member of the worldwide Hosokawa Micron Group which celebrated its centenary in 2016.

Processing industry customers have access to our range of expertise, equipment and engineered solutions in the following technologies and applications:

Applied Smart Manufacturing Technologies

Hosokawa Gen4 can help powder processors meet today’s challenges of improving product quality, throughput rates, operational efficiencies and profits.

Utilising an easy-to-follow Understand, Monitor, Control methodology, Hosokawa Gen4 works with companies to provide a digital toolkit to enable them to optimise their people, powder processes, plant and much more. Combining human, machinery and controls know-how, solutions are tailored to the individual customer’s needs.

Technology + Process Experience

We blend operational technology, process technology and information and communication technology with Hosokawa’s processing industry expertise to effectively address the business challenges that companies in dry end processes face, putting them in charge of proactive smart manufacturing systems and regimes and ahead of competitors.

An in-house, smart manufacturing, demonstrator system, built within our Contract Manufacturing Facility in Runcorn links process equipment and controls, enabling us to enhance our productivity and competitiveness whilst delivering an improved service to our contract manufacturing customers.

See Smart Manufacturing in Action

Using virtual reality, live data streaming and the Hosokawa Gen4 App, visitors to the Hosokawa stand will be able to see for themselves the capabilities of the system applied at our contract processing facility – for production improvement, dynamic troubleshooting, remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and day-to day operational management.


Benefits to Your Business

The £1m investment across our Contract Manufacturing Facility allows us to share our knowledge and experience of applied digital technologies with others in the processing industries; giving you the opportunity to see for yourselves how this technology might benefit your business through:

  • Insights into all aspects of plant production performance
  • Real time asset status to aid decision making, scheduling
  • Single screen graphic display for full/zoned plant monitoring
  • Automated running to pre-set, optimised parameters
  • Remote access to all data, control systems and advisory information
  • Advisory alerts to managers on or off site
  • Predictive maintenance alerts
Applied Smart Manufacturing Technologies

Containment Technology

With growing demand for product isolation and product integrity Hosokawa Micron leads the field in pioneering development of containment technologies for the handling and processing of hazardous materials. Applications across pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, food nuclear and defence continue be developed to further meet requirements for protection products and of manufacturing operators.

The Hosokawa Micron containment technology portfolio covers the full range of Operator Exposure Levels down to 10 ng/m3 and includes standard, modular and bespoke designs of Isolators, Gloveboxes, Downflow Booths, Laminar Flow Booths, Flexible Compact Isolators and Filling and Weighing systems.

Our experienced containment engineers are able to work with customers to re-design processing and product transfer equipment specifically for use within contained environments to ensure the best ergonomic solution for user friendly and protected operations.

Containment Technology

Contract Processing

Hosokawa Micron Powders offer a toll processing service that offers a diverse range of processing technologies including; Size Reduction’ Granulation, Mixing, Coating, Compaction and pack off into FIBCs, sacks, drums or boxes.

From one-off projects or regular processing activities customers are supported by a network of powder and particle processing expertise that is on hand to create competitive advantages for your business.

With access to 20+ individual processing suites we can handle multi-tonne lots or ultra-small batch processing; materials requiring processing in a contained environment; food products processed within BRC accredited suites; micronisation and classification of materials to sub-micron size.

Industry Applications: FOOD – CHEMICAL – MINERAL – PLASTIC – METAL

 Contract Processing

Milling / Size Reduction

Hosokawa Micron Ltd offer one of the largest ranges of equipment for size reduction.  We can offer individual ball mills, granulators and crushers, fine impact mills, jet mills and air classifier mills suitable for coarse crushing down to ultrafine milling of submicron particles for employment across a range of wet or dry processing applications in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, mineral and other industries.

Powder processing at some stage tends to involve some combination of raw materials, additives and active ingredients being processed to produce the required particle size.

This means a whole range of requirements have to be met from simple disagglomeration and coarse grinding through to ultrafine milling down to sub-micron particle sizes.

Hosokawa Micron Ltd has pioneered the development of contained milling systems in which size reduction equipment is re-designed to become an integral part of a contained system to offer operator, product or environmental protection from potentially hazardous dusts. Our engineers are also experienced in designing explosion protected systems and those incorporating easy clean designs and CIP/SIP systems.

Milling / Size Reduction

Filling & Weighing

Hosokawa Micron Ltd offer a total processing and packaging solution for powder and granule handling, from single pieces of equipment to the design, manufacture and installation of complete filling weighing and discharge systems which can be designed to achieve a 20g accuracy and capable of handling a range of specialist bag sizes.

Accurate filling and weight controlled filling systems maintain the highest standard of hygiene, dust control and product containment of materials from bulk chemicals to valuable, hazardous or difficult to handle products for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Our filling and weighing systems offer a wide range of options and are suitable for drums, bags and IBC systems. Based on the Stott filling and weighing system dustless filling of powder products into various containers can be achieved accurately and safely.

Our engineers can customise individual equipment or full systems to suit requirements and can be incorporated within downflow or laminar flow booths or isolator containment systems for the protected handling of sensitizing, toxic or high potency powders.

Filling & Weighing

NanoPowder Technology

The chemistry and physics of nanotechnology offers the opportunity to generate a range of new particles, the properties and characteristics of which can be selectively controlled by engineering to deliver performance quite different from that of micron sized particles.

Using nanotechnology, materials can effectively be made to be stronger and harder, lighter, more durable, more reactive, better electrical conductors and much, much more.

Our portfolio of equipment for dry powder particle design technologies includes Composing, Dispersion, Sphericalization, Coating, Agglomeration and Freeze Drying. Combining these proven nanotechnologies with more traditional powder processing technologies we work with customers to supply the most appropriate equipment and systems to create and manufacture high value particles with new powder characteristics.

NanoPowder Technology

Spares & Service

Hosokawa Micron Ltd is committed to providing continual customer support long after a plant has been delivered, installed and commissioned. From a single service point we offer a comprehensive service portfolio in which each individual after sales service plays a vital role in securing the reliability, through life cost control and efficiency of your powder processing equipment.

Our services include:

Quality Spare Parts

Scheduled Maintenance Contracts

Mechanical and Safety Checks

Emergency Breakdown Cover

Training of Your Engineers

Spares & Service

Air Classification

Developments within powder processing have led to demands for increasingly finer particles and narrower particle size distributions.

Fine fractions or oversize particles interfere with further processing or make the final product unsuitable for a specific application therefore it is necessary to improve the particle size distribution through classification with many processors seeking steep particle size distributions.

 In response to this need, Hosokawa Micron Ltd has developed a diverse range of classifiers to meet differing classification applications within industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and toners.

Our classifiers, designed for easy operation and maintenance, produce particle size distributions that are uniform and homogeneous, spherical, smooth and dry and easily dispersible.

Air Classification


The mixing process and mixer design is dependent upon the nature of the materials to be mixed.

Hosokawa has developed a wide range of mixing technologies to meet the needs of both wet and dry powder applications including powders, pastes slurries and liquids.

From lab and pilot plant through to full scale production mixers and systems, Hosokawa can meet your wet and dry mixing requirements for batch and continuous operations.

Our comprehensive product list from the Hosokawa Micron, Schugi and Vrieco Nauta® deliver mixing technologies for applications including homogenising, improving product quality, coating particles, fusing materials, wetting, dispersion of liquids, altering functional properties and agglomeration.



Hosokawa Micron Ltd can offer an advanced portfolio of innovative technologies and equipment for drying and cooling a range of granules, powders, pastes and slurries.

Hosokawa Micron’s batch and continuous dryer ranges are widely used in applications within the food, chemical, mineral and pharmaceutical industries.

The Vrieco Nauta® range of vacuum dryers has the ability to both mix and dry in one unit offering production benefits that include eliminating the need for product handling and interim storage equipment, reducing downtime for cleaning and minimising product losses.

The selection of the right drying process and dryer design depends on the nature of the materials to be handled. Our extensive processing experience and expertise can help customers select the right equipment.


Agglomeration & Compaction

Hosokawa Micron Ltd offers a range of agglomeration technologies and equipment options designed to improve the handling qualities of powders, dusts and slurries and provide the most advantageous technical and economical solutions for specific applications.

Hosokawa Micron is able to offer a range of agglomeration technologies including press agglomeration, compacting, briquetting, pelletising, extrusion technology, batch fluid bed processing and mixer agglomerators.

Agglomeration can improve physical properties such as flowability, wetability and dispersability as well as positively influencing bulk density, material segregation and powder de-dusting.

Agglomeration & Compaction


Tumbler Screening machines screens are designed to match the three-dimensional action used in hand sieving, thereby providing solutions for a wide range of sieving problems, for both wet and dry applications.

Used in many sectors of industry, these screens are reliable and robust all-purpose machines, allowing multi-fraction operation (some models have up to 5 decks), and with a wide range of screen cleaning options including bouncing ball or ultrasonic.


Laboratory & Pilot Plant

Hosokawa Micron Ltd offers a range of specialist powder analysis equipment along with an extensive portfolio of laboratory and pilot scale machines developed from our collection of machinery for grinding, milling, mixing, compacting, drying, classifying and containment technologies.

Our powder analysis equipment offers accurate and repeatable sizing and measuring of powder and particle characteristics and is utilised extensively in Quality Assurance testing and in particle design.

Laboratory & Pilot Plant

Hosokawa Micron Ltd Overview