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Hotchkiss Air Supply is one of the leading ‘supply only’ manufacturers and distributors of circular and flat oval ductwork and accessories in the UK.

Based in the Midlands and with branches in Wolverhampton, London, Maidstone and Hailsham , we stock a comprehensive range of air distribution products for the heating and ventilation industry including a full range of Flexible Ducting, Access Doors, Dampers, Accessories, Acoustics products and our Colourduct system.'

The Modern production unit houses four spiral and two flat oval machines along with the state of the art fabrication machinery. The well-equipped fabrication shop is staffed by a highly trained workforce which ensures quality produced volume production along with engineering excellence, a necessity for Colorduct and pre - assembly projects.

Regional stockists throughout the UK and Ireland ensure a nationwide coverage to complement the four strategically placed Hotchkiss Sales Branches.

HAS has been established for over 40 years and we understand the needs and requirements of our customers and the industry we work in. Our business has been developed and tailored to meet the specific demands of the customer and we constantly strive to maintain and enhance our high standards of service, delivery and quality.
Aluminium Flexible Ducting
Hasflex MU is a range of fully flexible non-insulated aluminium/polyester laminated ducting, which has been specially designed for the HVAC market. Because of its flexibility it is easy to connect to either round or oval ducting.

Spiral Tubing
Full range of Spiral Tube and Fittings all manufactured to DW144.
Available in a range of materials.

PVC Flexible Ducting
The grey reinforced ducting is manufactured for the HVAC market and industrial purposes. It is suitable for all normal ventilation and air conditioning systems, including high pressure and successfully withstands constant bending or flexing.

Aluminium Insulated Ducting
HASFLEX MI is a range of fully flexible thermally insulated ducting. The range has been developed to minimise the heat gain or loss resulting from the temperature differential between the airflow and the surrounding ambient air.

Acoustic Flexible Ducting
HASFLEX ML is fully flexible thermal and acoustic insulated ducting. It has been developed to reduce cross talk and noise generated by induct components and offers a high degree of sound absorption.

Pak Aluminium Flexible
Corrugated flexible ducting in aluminium, which can be easily formed to produce bends with radii less than 1/2 diameter.

A new range of fully flexible reinforced, lightweight, aluminium polyester and PVC laminated duct. Suitable for low, medium and high-pressure heating, ventilating and airconditioning supply or extract systems.

Semi Rigid Flex Tube (Stainless)
Manufactured by Hotchkiss. Spirally wound to produce a tube with a triple overlapped and crimped joint to ensure pressure tightness to 2500pa.

TDB Access Doors
A range of high quality pressed galvanised steel duct access doors manufactured in the UK.

Rectangular Access Door
Designed to provide access to all in-duct equipment for inspection, maintenance and duct cleaning.

Full range of access doors available from the Metu group of products.

Colorduct is a highly visible, highly versatile, low cost system of coloured ducting that will enhance its environment. It is especially suitable for public places and enables ducting to become an essential design factor in air conditioning, ventilation and warm air heating applications.

Flat Oval
A wide range is available.

Blast Gate Dampers
For use primarily within the extraction and materials handling industry. Their robust construction makes them an ideal means of controlling airflow within fume, dust and wood waste extraction systems.

Fire Dampers
This range of curtain bladed fire dampers is designed to stop the spread of flame through ducts, walls, floors and ceilings.

Volume Control Dampers
Hotchkiss Air Supply can supply VCD’s from a range of leading manufacturers, providing excellent choice and quality.

  • Sealants
  • Grilles and Diffusers
  • Iris Duct Damper
  • Clamping Products
  • Rectangular Duct Jointing Systems
  • Flexible Duct Connector
  • Supply and Exhaust Valves

Turning Vane and Mounting Track

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