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 hotrod® Cartridge Heaters:  are core products of hotset's tradition. Excellent knowledge, high-quality materials as well as the outstanding manufacturing guarantee long life and excellent product features.

By intensive cooperation - also with special applications - hotset gives again and again innovative impulses to its hotrod® cartridge heaters with new technical features (e .g. humidity-resistant connection area).

By optimal production conditions of Hotset Malta Ltd. an unique price-performance ratio can be achieved for larger quantities. hotset hotrod® cartridge heaters offer high functionality and high production safety - driving quality!

hotspring® Coil Heaters

Hotset was already in 1980 one idea ahead as they presented the first round hotspring® coil heater (type WRP Ø 3.3). Since then further innovations have been made: hotspring®/Mini (type WRP 1,3 x 2,3), flat and square, hotspring®/Maxi (type WRP 4,8 x 8,6) as well as hotspring®/Micro (type WRP 1,3 x 2,3).

This innovation as well as the humidity-resistant coil heaters according to I.P. 65 (type WRP Ø 3.3 - WRP/F 2.2 x 4.2 - WRP/Q 3.0 x 3.0) emphasize the consequente alignment to new challenges.

hotflex® Flexible Tubular Heaters

The hotflex® is worldwide the first tubular heater which can be manually bent in all three dimensions. Easiest handling, simple assembly, optimal thermal features and the simple storage (the hotflex® is supplied in straight condition with numerous lengths from stock) are outstanding product arguments.


hotslot® Nozzle Heaters

With hotslot®, which is based on the proven principle of hotspring® coil heaters, hotset offers an excellent heating solution for nozzles.

The hotspring®/Mini (wall thickness of a minimum of 2 mm according to type) or Micro (wall thickness of a minimum of 1.3 mm according to type) is pressed in a slot thus the hotslot® is especially space-saving.

The run of the slot with or without thermocouple as well as the power distribution can be individually determined.

hottube Tubular Heaters

With the three dimensional bendable hotflex®, the square tubular heter as well as a wide range of e. g. round or flat tubular heaters hotset offers a complete product range for different applications.


hotcast® Sealed Heaters

The hotcast® sealed heater (type GMH) based on the heating with a hotspring®

Maxi with power distribution offers the possibility of an equal heating of the mass channel.

The densely welded sealed system grants besides resistance against penetrating material, high energy savings towards as well as shorter cycle times and material savings.

hotcast® Sprue Nozzle

The heated sprue nozzle brings the point of thermal separation to the mold-parting surface and eliminates the major of the sprue excess material.

Cycle times decrease up to 40 % and provide better part quality.

hotcone® Heated Machine Nozzles

For the plastic processing industry hotset offers with the hotcone® heated machine nozzle (type BMD) the optimal possibility for optimising the production process and the even thermal processing of different plastics and the deep immersion into the tool improve the quality of the final product and save material with shortening the cycle times.

hotform® Silicon Heaters

Whether plains or cylindrical shapes:

 Hotform® silicon heating elements can be used everywhere where the space is small.

By the possibility of individual cuttings hotform® silicon heating elements can also be used for assymmetrical plains.

hotcontrol Temterature Controllers

With a wide range of temperature controllers and thermocouples hotset offers complementary products to the heating element.

Aligned to the hotset-heating element the hotset-control technology can be used for numerous applications.

In the scope of the hotset-advice a unified programme of heating elements, thermocouples and temperature controllers will be offered.

Thus, the process safety can be guaranteed and the interplay of the components is clearly defined.

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