Howard Handling


Sale and hire of high quality hand pallet trucks, including:

Pallet Truck Service, Repairs & Maintenance

Nationwide service, repair and maintenance of pallet trucks, lifters and handlers.  Services include:

  • Service and repair of all makes of hand pallet trucks
  • Service and repair of many makes of electric pallet trucks, stackers and lifters
  • On-site maintenance coverage across the UK

Electric Pallet Trucks

Sales and hire of electric pallet trucks and powered pallet trucks, including:

Pallet Stackers

Sales and hire of pallet stackers.  Stackers are designed to transport and raise up pallets and other goods to height.  Range includes:

Scissor Lifts & High Lift Pallet Trucks

Sales and hire of scissor lifts and high lifts.  These are work positioners, designed to raise up a pallet or other goods to waist height.  Range includes:

Box & Crate Tilters

Sales and hire of Tilts and Rotators for boxes, box pallets, crates, stillages and Dolavs.  Range includes:

Reel & Drum Handlers

Sales and hire of Reel and drum lifters and handlers.  Range includes:

Lifters & Handlers For Non Palletised Goods

Sales and hire of lifting and handling equipment for non-palletised goods, such as boxes, machinery and tools.  Range includes:

Scissor Lift Tables

Sales and hire of scissor lift tables, including:

  • Manual and electric lift tables
  • Mobile and pit-mounted lift tables
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