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We’ve been providing hygienic process pumps and technical support for over 25 years. We’re based in Leeds and operate nationwide, helping companies with pumps and support to ensure you suffer minimal downtime. We work with food processing companies, chemical and pharmaceutical firms, brewers and confectioners, and many other businesses.



Hygienic Pumps

We understand that many businesses rely on their pump technology and any downtime can be hugely costly. That’s why we offer bespoke pump design, installation and ongoing support to our clients. All of our pumps meet the necessary UK and EU hygiene standards and can be used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical production and processing.

We stock pumps from leading manufacturers such as Unibloc-Pump, Wangen Pumpen, Graco, KSA and Desmi. These can be adapted to your specific requirements and the nature of the product you will be processing.



We have the largest stock of manways and access lids in the UK. They provide safe access to large industrial tanks for cleaning, maintenance and repairs. And they can be closed securely when access is not needed and the tank is filled with liquids. Get in touch with us today for a full rundown of the manways we can provide you with.

We work with leading brewers, beverage manufacturers, chemical and pharmaceutical firms.



Hygienic Tube Fittings

Quality tube fittings are vitally important in any pump system. Without them you run the risk of constant breakdowns and problems such as seam splitting, stress corrosion cracking and chloride damage. And that means costly downtime and having to pay for repairs and replacement parts to get things up and running again.

We only offer high-quality certified tube fittings that come with full traceability. That way you cut down the risk of downtime and extra costs due to your pump system becoming worn and damaged that comes through using low grade materials that many suppliers offer today.


Process Valves

Problems often arise when you have the wrong size or type of process valve installed. This can cause blockages and difficulties keeping your pump system clean and hygienic. That’s why we offer bespoke valves made to fit your pumps system and adapted to the type of product you’re handling. All of our valves meet UK and EU hygiene standards.

With our valves you will have a constant flow of material through your pump. And you can easily clean them too without the need for lengthy downtime for disassembly.


Tank Equipment

We’re market leaders in the provision of tank equipment for use in food processing, beverage production and chemical manufacture. That covers everything from manways and cleaning gear to sight glasses, mixers, product inlet, outlet and sampling valves. We offer full installation of the tank equipment and ongoing maintenance and support.

In all we have over 500 pieces of gear in stock for use in industrial tanks. Have a look at our main website for testimonials and case studies with details of how we’ve helped the likes of AG Barr soft drinks and the Bradford Brewery with our equipment.


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