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HPS is the world's leading pigging and product recovery specialist for companies that process liquids. Our pigging products and equipment are used across the globe in a wide variety of industries. These include food, beverages, cosmetics, personal care, household products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paint, solvents, pet food and many more.

Pigging is a highly effective method of recovering nearly all residual product in pipelines while reducing cleaning and CIP. So rather than flushing good product to waste, pigging means you can continue to process or sell it.

We provide a comprehensive range of pigging services. We can retro-fit pigging solutions to existing production systems, as well as new plant. Our systems can be manual, semi automated or fully automated. Plus, we offer great technical support, pigging system spares and aftersales services.


Pigging Gives High ROI

The return on investment (ROI) from pigging is significant, with payback usually less than 12 months.

Pigging systems work by propelling a specially designed projectile (called a Pig) through pipe lines. The solutions provided by HPS use best practice pigging technology which is the benchmark of the industry.

As well as increasing yields, reducing waste and speeding up changeovers, pigging also helps environmental sustainability. This is because, as well as saving product, it also reduces water consumption, the use of cleaning agents, and associated transportation and disposal costs.

Pigging Gives High ROI

Benefits of Pigging

Pigging increases profitability by reducing waste, maximising product yields and improving pipeline process efficiency. In addition, pigging saves water, cleaning fluids, labour and other resources so as well as saving money also significantly improves 'green' credentials. Because it saves so much waste, pigging is also great for helping towards your company sustainability goals.

HPS systems deliver:

  • Maximised product yield
  • Reduced cross contamination risk
  • Less production down-time for changeovers and cleaning
  • Increased plant capacity
  • Lower water consumption
  • Decreased waste water
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Lower carbon footprints
  • Increased profitability


Find out more in our pigging system case studies and pigging FAQs.

Benefits of Pigging

Automatic Pigging

These days, the majority of pigging systems used in process industries are automated. Automatic pigging improves efficiency, reliability, speed and safety. Our highly experienced software engineers and pigging system designers will deliver your full PLC and HMI programming needs, whether integrating to existing systems, or delivering brand new equipment. What’s more, the signals from our pig detection systems are specially designed to ensure highly reliable and accurate operation and control.

Automatic Pigging

Magnetic Pigs

One of the most important components of any product recovery and pigging system is the pig. Our unique bi-directional magnetic pigs contain a flexible magnetised silicon core with no solid magnets. At the forefront of pipeline cleaning technology, this means they are fully detectable and can travel around bends while still cleaning. Manufactured from food grade materials, HPS pigs can be cleaned in place within our pig launchers and receivers. And because they don’t have any solid metal within them, there’s nothing to break or shatter which could contaminate the line. They are also finless design. Not having fins is important because it ensures exceptional product recovery rates (over 99.5%!) and no risk of pieces of fin breaking off or product collecting between fins.

Magnetic Pigs

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HPS provides high-quality, reliable, customised pigging and product recovery solutions. Our services include design, manufacture and installation to support, aftersales and maintenance. We also provide automatic product distribution (Automatrix) systems and expert liquid process design services.  

Established in 1995, we have unrivalled experience and an unsurpassed reputation for superior quality hygienic pigging products. With a large and diverse range of customers throughout the world (well over 1200 implementations), a wide variety of industries and processes use HPS products. These include wine, whisky, soft drinks, dairy, shampoo, shaving gels, household paint, industrial fluids, pet foods and many more. 

HPS Product Recovery Solutions (also known as Hygienic Pigging Systems Ltd) has its head office in Nottingham, UK, with additional offices in the US, Australia, and a wide network of representatives throughout the world.

For more information about product recovery and pigging systems which will measurably improve your business, or to request a pigging system price quote, please contact HPS today!

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