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At HT Brigham, we are renowned for having industry-leading metal presswork expertise and pressing components in a wide variety of materials to meet your requirements. There are numerous metal presswork product applications within several industries. The metal pressing process is often a highly beneficial, cost-effective method in comparison to many other manufacturing processes.

Our engineers can work closely with you to ensure we can significantly reduce the component cost for you.

High Volume Metal Presswork

We specialise in high volume metal presswork focussing on highly efficient manufacturing operation to achieve high volumes with high speeds at a continuous rate. Our plant and the processes we use for high volume metal presswork are specially enhanced for large scale manufacture. Our press capacity ranges from 20 tonnes to 300 tonnes enabling us to fulfil many customer requirements with high efficiency.

Stainless Steel Stamping

Stainless steel is the ideal metal for many stamping specifications offering a highly aesthetically pleasing finish in addition to its high performing construction qualities. The pleasing finish stainless steel stampings offer, appeal to many decorative industrial applications in a variety of sectors. We use many different compositions of stainless steel to provide every customer with their perfect component at a cost-effective price.

Typical steel stamping applications include:

  • Components utilised within the construction industry to withstand exposure to high levels of moisture without corrosion
  • Items for the medical industry that must be easily sterilised
  • Stampings for the domestic interiors market where endurance to daily usage whilst maintaining a high quality cosmetic finish is paramount

Deep Drawing

We have unmatched deep drawing capabilities using a wide variety of different metals to complete the process to your specifications. As a highly skilled, sought after method, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer deep drawing in our services assisting our customers from the initial design concepts through t the final manufacturing stages. Our expertise in the field enables us to supply many deep drawn metal pressings on a global scale for a multitude of product sectors.

Metal Pressings

At HT Brigham, we offer a complete metal pressings service, competitively priced and at high turnaround rates. With a wealth of over six decades experience behind us, we can confidentially ensure you component will transform into a finished product that matches your exact specifications.

Our metal pressings expertise includes:

  • Over-moulded pressings and assemblies
  • Deep drawn pressings
  • Specialist pressings

Whatever the industrial application, we step up to the mark with flexibility, experience, and professionalism. For more information, contact us today and visit our website.

Metal Stampings

We offer a full metal stamping service four our customers with a wealth of experience and commitment to excellence. We welcome the most complex of metal stampings with a company ethos for complete customer satisfaction driving us. Our metal pressings and stampings can be manufactured mid to high volume and out of almost any alloy in any shape.

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