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We are specialist manufacturers and leading experts in vacuum technology and leak detection. Since our establishment in 1981, we have continually built upon our vast technical expertise. We have utilised this knowledge and skill to serve and provide solutions for many industries and businesses.

We specialise in leak detection in plant and components and we provide leak detection solutions and systems for all applications.

Calibrated Reference Leaks

Our extensive services cover many solutions and services for calibrated reference leaks.

Our service is market leading and with our many years of knowledge and expertise, we have developed new technology to manufacture standard calibrated reference leaks to comply with new environmental and health and safety regulations with regard to fugitive emissions.

Calibration Services

We provide professional and comprehensive calibration services for standard leaks as well as for leak testing devices.

These calibration services include the utilisation of Helium mass spectrometers and handheld 'sniffer' units. A wide range of test gases are also available for refilling reference leaks.

Vacuum Components

As well as comprehensive services, solutions and products for leak detection, we are also a manufacturer of the highest quality, steel vacuum components. This vacuum components service includes the manufacture of vacuum lead throughs and glass to metal seals.

Further options include:

  • Stainless steel flexible hoses and braided hoses
  • Stainless steel welded bellows
  • Stainless steel braided bellows assemblies
  • Vacuum components to ISO specifications

Flexible Stainless Steel Hoses

We are quality manufacturers and suppliers of varying options for flexible stainless steel hoses. These flexible stainless steel hoses are built in-house using our specialist CNC machining facility.

All hoses are cleaned and annealed in a vacuum furnace, they are available with KF/CF/ISO fittings and requests for non-standard lengths are always welcome.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Bellows Assemblies

Our vast product range and manufacturing capabilities also cover the design and production of stainless steel vacuum bellows assemblies.

These stainless steel vacuum bellows assemblies are manufactured for specific applications using ISO and CF flanges. We supply versions for eccentric drives in pumping systems and versions for manipulators in vacuum systems.

Stainless Steel Precision Welding and Leak Detection

We also provide stainless steel precision welding and leak detection services and products such as impeccably manufactured, complicated vacuum chambers.

With our stainless steel precision welding and leak detection services, we offer bespoke designs and project work and we are fully capable of fabricating non-standard parts and assemblies to remedy awkward design issues.

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