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With experience in the design and manufacture of high pressure, positive displacement pumps over a period of over 40 years, Hughes Pumps Ltd is justifiably proud of its product range, and offers a flexible approach to the changing needs of a worldwide customer base.
The Company offers a wide range of specialised high pressure pump equipment for the Petro-Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Offshore and Contracting industries. Whether you need a standard Water Jet Cleaning system, a bespoke pump set, a bareshaft pump or a nozzle, Hughes Pumps has the solution.
Backed by a commitment to precision engineering, we provide the benefits of an established product range and the flexibility of a manufacturer willing to engineer a solution to your problems.

Plunger Pumps

Hughes Pumps manufacture a range of high pressure plunger pumps that can operate at pressures from 70 to 2,750 bar (1,000 to 40,000psi), and flow rates up to 800 litres/min.
The pumps are designed for heavy duty applications, and produced with in nine frame sizes, each with a variety of plunger sizes. This allows selection of the ideal pump for almost any application.
Pumps are manufactured in stainless steel as standard, and solid ceramic plungers that are used throughout the range are extremely hard wearing, and extend the life of the self-adjusting plunger seals.

Water Jetting Applications

Hughes Pumps can be used for a wide range of different applications from surface preparation (coatings and corrosion removal), heat exchanger tube cleaning, pipe cleaning and descaling, tank and vessel cleaning, pressure testing and flushing. Please see our web-site for more information.

Process Pumps

Our process pumps feature high pressure positive displacement plungers and piston pumps with power ratings to 375 kW (500hp). We have designed process pumps to meet the requirements of API Standard 674. Our high quality process pumps are suitable for use in the food industry and oil and gas industry. 

High Pressure Pumps

Hughes Pumps manufacture 6 high pressure pump models, with power ratings from 40hp (30kW) to 500hp (375kW).   

The pumps are all available with a variety of plunger diameters and gearbox ratios, allowing us to select a pump performance to match the customer requirements. 

Ultra High Pressure

Hughes Pumps manufacture a range of Ultra High Pressure pumps which are available with a maximum working pressure up to 2,750 bar (40,000psi).

There are currently three pumps moddels available, the Ultrabar 10, Ultrabar 15 and Ultrabar 24.   Each pump can be driven by an electric motor, or a diesel engine, and mounted onto a variety of different chassis.

This pump range is often used offshore, and can be supplied with ATEX Zone 1 or Zone 2 electric motors, and certified crashframes (to DNV 2.7-1 / BS EN12079).  

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