Humideco Ltd

Humideco are a specialist supplier of humidification systems for industrial areas and commercial buildings. Our representatives can design the optimum system for your facility, taking into account the particular needs of your products, people or process. With humidity levels under control, these processes become more efficient and your people more comfortable.

Humideco systems provide an “energy saving” alternative to older, inefficient humidifiers. Energy consumption can be greatly reduced, often by up to 90%, resulting in substantial operating cost savings and products that pay for themselves in around 2 years.

For industry, we have developed the Eco-Mist system, a direct-air humidifier which can solve troublesome and costly humidity related problems where moisture sensitive materials are used, such as paper in printing, for example.

Humideco can help with the following:

- energy saving replacement humidifiers
- humidification systems for industry
- steam humidifiers and spare parts
- design,installation and maintenance support
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