HV Wooding Ltd

 HV Wooding are specialists in the manufacture of metal components offering a component and assembly service to industry in the following areas: Our multi-site operation is approved to ISO 9001:2000 and is geared to providing a comprehensive service from design through to volume production.

Industries serviced include:
  • Switchgear/Control Panel/Panel Boards
  • Transformers
  • Marine
  • Rail
  • Automotive
  • Electronic
  • Electrical
  • Medical
  • Aerospace

HV Wooding Ltd - Precision Engineering

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of precision engineered components and assemblies, HV Wooding’s client list includes top international companies such as Rolls Royce, Schneider Electric, Honeywell and ABB.

Established for over 40 years, we offer an unrivalled wealth of engineering resources, skills and experience. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses everything from design assistance and prototyping through to hard tooling and large volume production - all effectively located under one roof, providing significant cost savings and administrative benefits.


Advanced manufacturing techniques enable us to produce a huge variety of customised busbars for major projects incorporating thousands of variants to single part demand with little or no tooling costs.

Working from your 3D drawings, our experienced technical team can help you optimise the cost and design at an early stage. We hold a full range of copper, aluminium and cuponal sizes in stock and can process up to 16mm thick by 200mm wide in lengths of up to four metres on CNC hole-cut machines. Larger sections can be processed using CNC and conventional machining techniques.

Copper Busbars

Because we have the most advanced copper busbar manufacturing equipment available we can offer exceptionally high levels of delivery performance. We have many years experience of inheriting production from large OEM’s (component transfer) and we offer a very rapid response service, even with short lead-times.

Aluminium Busbars

Aluminium is used for busbar production where final weight is a consideration. We have produced many millions of aluminium busbars for a great many applications including the Rail, Marine and Aerospace industry sectors.

Aluminium busbars can be used for transformers, we have also produced them for Electrical Panel Boards and Distribution Boards.

Cuponal Busbars

The majority of busbars are made from Copper, however in recent years many companies have explored the use of other, lower cost materials such as Aluminium and Cuponal. HV Wooding produce a great many parts from Cuponal, mainly for the Marine & Transformer industry sectors.

Components can be punched or machined and we can offer tin plating as an in house process. We are able to source Cuponal in several sizes and produce busbars and other components to your specification.

Busbars for Switchgear OEMs

HV Wooding supply Busbars and pressed components to major Switchgear OEM’s and this has formed the core of our business activity for the last 30 years. The sector requires high quality components delivered in short lead-times while also maintaining a high degree of reliability. Utilising in house electroplating facilities, components can be tin or silver plated, which gives us the control of quality and delivery performance that is crucial when working for this sector.

Busbars for Panel Builders

HV Wooding have a number of customers in this area, some large international companies and also some smaller project business. We are able to supply high volumes of Busbars in very short lead-times and can provide design and drawing support to reduce your time to market. Over recent years HV Wooding have also supported companies who traditionally make in-house with their overspill production, helping them to complete projects on time.


We have 40 years' experience and expertise of providing high quality, economic presswork manufacturing solutions to major names within the electrical switchgear, electronic, power generation, marine and automotive industries, so you can rely on us to provide you with a prompt, efficient service. Many customers find it beneficial to consult us at the start of their projects, enabling us to optimise tooling and manufacturing processes using advanced quality planning, PPAP, FMEA and other techniques. We have the skills and resources to cope with short lead times and can provide a full project management service if required.

Our Presses range from 5T – 140T in capacity and we have second operations such as welding, assembly and full in house electroplating for tin, silver and zinc. With the use of SolidWorks 3D all tool design is conducted in house and we can provide both design assistance and value engineering activity.

Pressed Laminations

HV Wooding have many years experience and a high level of expertise producing pressed laminations off hard tooling. Often projects begin utilising our Wire Erosion capability at the development and prototype stage and we can offer these services from initial prototype through product development into high volume production.

The industry sectors we serve include:

  • Aerospace
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • The General Electrical Motor and Alternator Markets
  • And many more... 

Electrical Pressings/Electronic Presswork

HV Wooding produce millions of metal pressings per year and have a high profile in the Electrical/Electronic sector. Product applications range from Sensors & Controls to larger components used in Power Generation and renewable energy applications.

Supplying a number of Europe’s largest OEMs in this field the entire operation is controlled using a fully integrated manufacturing system and is ISO9000 accredited. The business prides itself on high levels of delivery and quality performance as well as providing maximum flexibility in areas such as delivery frequency and optimal batch sizes in line with modern day manufacturing.


We provide in-house electroplating in Zinc, Tin and Silver finishes, through both barrel and vat processes. This is a key aspect of our business that enables us to offer the greatest levels of both flexibility and reliability to our customers. Most notably we are able to offer quick turnaround on product whilst retaining complete control of quality.

Numerous components are supplied to Kanban, Eban and VMI which has seen our customers benefit from stock reduction and the better use of space within their own operations.

Metal finishing is an integral part of our operation. Our in-house laboratory is equipped to provide analysis of all plating solutions and, as a business, we are able to offer many other finishes, including painting, powder coating and anodising through the use of sub-contractors.

Wire Erosion/Wire Cutting

We currently provide subcontract production wire erosion services to the aerospace, medical, motor sport and military/defence industries. Our facilities include Charmilles and Fanuc wire erosion machines with automatic wire feed, submerged cutting and large beds for multi-loading. We have vast experience in this field and offer a flexible 24-hour service, covering everything from prototyping to volume production, fast turn around and expert technical support.

Motor Laminations

HV Wooding have always been at the forefront of wire erosion technology - we purchased our first machine in 1983. This was a Fanuc Model M with auto wire feed and was the first machine of this specification in the UK. Since that period we have been supplying Motor Laminations to a wide spectrum of industry sectors, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Motor Sport
  • Hybrid/Electrical Vehicles
  • Universities
  • Military/Defence

Lamination stacks and wound assemblies are also offered to customers who wish to outsource this activity. Currently we are supplying assembled stacks using mechanical, laser welding and glueing technologies. 

Sub Assembly

H V Wooding is increasingly partnering with customers to conduct additional operations, provide complete kits or supply sub assemblies direct to line or to the customer's warehouse.

Our advanced sub assembly facility allows our customers to outsource the assembly at low risk, and focus on their core business activities, secure in the knowledge that we will provide them with a fast, cost-effective service. Reducing inventories, part numbers and supply base saves time and effort and can also result in significant cost savings.

Our full range of sub assembly services comprise:

Mechanical Sub Assembly

  • Resistance welding
  • Capacity discharge welding
  • Tapping and screw insertion
  • Rotary table and manual assembly
  • Motor lamination assemblies - specialising in aerospace and motorsport markets

General Sub Assembly

  • Cross material type assembly - metal and plastic components
  • Pressed and machined components
  • Finished products
  • Direct to warehouse - including part marking, bar-coding and packaging to customer requirements

Busbar Sub Assembly

  • Pemming - insertion of studs, nuts, helicoils etc
  • Sleeving - insulation materials
  • Earth bar assemblies
  • Pre-packaged kits direct to line side/warehouse
  • Multi type busbar assemblies

CNC Machining

We currently provide subcontract CNC machining services to the electrical, aerospace, medical, motor sport and military/defence industries. Our plant includes Mazak and Cincinnati vertical machining centres with the latest pendulum bed arrangement where we can set the machine while it is in operation, this facilitates maximum output.

The type of work undertaken range from prototyping to low/medium volume production and we offer a fast turn around with expert technical support.

  • Expert technical advice and design assistance/drawing support
  • Prototype components and tooling
  • ISO 9001:2008 approved. FMEA / SPC
  • Reverse engineering for special projects
  • High quality metrology department with CMM and Quick Scope

Value Chain Management

By analysing each stage of the presswork production process; from inbound logistics, through the entire product design and production phase, right through to delivery, every aspect of a manufacturing job is analysed by our technical experts to give our clients the best possible competitive advantage. 

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