Hvr Pentagon Ltd.

Pentagon Electrical Products Limited was established in 1973 by engineers who already had many years experience in the manufacture of power resistors. That wealth of knowledge has been maintained and expanded to the present day to be recognised as one of the U.K.'s foremost manufacturers of Power Resistors, anti-condensation heaters and thermostats.

Pentagon are well known in the panel building industry for their range of heaters for preventing condensation in switch and control gear cubicles.

Our open wire-wound, vitreous enamelled and heavy-duty protected resistors can be supplied to precise customer specifications. Typical uses include dynamic braking, starting resistors, discharge resistors and loading resistors. Our anti-condensation heaters are designed for use in switch and control gear cubicles to keep condensation at bay.

Pentagon also supplies a range of thermostats for use with anti- condensation heaters. The range offers exceptionally rapid response, close operating differential and extreme sensitivity.
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