Hwm-Water Ltd.


Halma Water Management, a division of the quoted Halma group  represents

Radcom Technologies Ltd    www.radcom.co.uk         ISO Registered
Radcom (Technologies) Ltd manufactures  battery powered data loggers with SMS , GSM or Web based information on flow, pressure or other inputs


Palmer Environmental Ltd    www.palmer.co.uk          ISO Registered
This company manufactures  specialist leak detection products including  well know brand name such as "Microcorr”  in Leak noise correlators and "Permalog" in  acoustic noise loggers. In addition “Permanet” is a radio and web based system allowing real time monitoring of water systems


 Hydreka   www.hydreka.com

Based in France, Hydreka offers a wide range of measuring equipment used in the water cycle and has been instrumental in offering up to date flow measuring equipment into the market. Rental equipment is available

HWM and its associate companies  is supported through a world wide network of distributors as well as company in the United States, Fluid Conservation Systems   http://www.fluidconservation.com/ 

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