Hydraulics2U was established as Enerpac distributors in order to provide customers with the comprehensive and high quality range of hydraulic and pneumatic components and parts, as well as maintenance services.

We provide a diversity of products from standard maintenance requirements to pumps and cylinders. We can provide you with all the essential accessories, like hoses and gauges in order for you to create a system ideally tailored to your needs or supply specialist hydraulic products such as stainless steel cylinders & pumps, proportional valves and systems, made-to-order cylinders with linear transducers, standard and specialist diaphragm and pinch valves along with bolting tools such as hydraulic torque wrenches, nut splitters, flange tools and hydraulic cutters.

Our staff have many years experience in application and system design and operation so we are happy to provide any help you may need in selecting the most suitable Enerpac, hydraulic or pneumatic components and parts for your application, even if you are uncertain of exactly what you require.

We want to ensure you get the most suitable parts and components, such as hydraulic cylinders, for your system and are always happy to advise you on Enerpac and any other products appropriate for your requirements.

Enerpac Distributors

As Enerpac distributors, we offer the complete range of Enerpac Products from RC single acting hydraulic cylinders through hand, air and electric pumps to standard and made-to-order Enerpac hydraulic pumps which include the ZE range.  We also offer the full range of bolting and workholding range which includes swing cylinders, block cylinders, work supports, clamping cylinders and 350 BAR Enerpac hydraulic pumps to suit these products.  Enerpac cylinders are offered in single and double acting and available upto 1000 Tonnes for any hydraulic cylinder application.  We strive to provide extensive amounts of technical data on our website to make your product selection even easier and for many products you fill find the catalogue pages along with data and repair sheets where you can also purchase spares directly online. 

Enerpac Distributors

Hydraulic Cylinders

Our range of hydraulic cylinders includes:

  • Standard range hydraulic cylinders
  • Telescopic cylinders
  • Enerpac single acting cylinders
  • Enerpac aluminium cylinders
  • Enerpac double acting cylinders
  • Enerpac 350 BAR workholding cylinders
  • Production single and double acting hydraulic cylinders  

We can supply standard and made-to-order hydraulic cylinders in a full range of materials including stainless steel and aluminium with seals to suit any fluid.  We offer a complete range of plain and pin mounted double acting hydraulic cylinders.  These are in our Standard Range Hydraulic Cylinder section and are generally stock items for fast delivery times.  These cylinders are 200 BAR rated and can be manufactured as cost effective specials with any mounting requirements.  Also available are heavy duty versions for operation upto 350 BAR.

Our stainless steel cylinders are suitable for using in any harsh environments, off shore, sub sea, marine and swimming pools as well as suitable for use with any medium including water, glycols and skydrol.  The range now include high quality ATOS Cylinders in Tie Rod and Round constructions for ay application including full production and are available with sophisticated transducers and electronics.

We also offer standard and made to order telescopic cylinders for any application including tipper, lifting and scissor lifts.

We offer a full range of 700 BAR including Enerpac and equivalents to suit any 700 BAR application.  These cylinders are available in low height, pull, hollow, aluminium and high tonnage single and double acting variants.

Our workholding range includes Enerpac and Spencer Franklin equivalents for any workholding or production automation application and includes, threaded body, manifold mount, swing & block cylinders, pull cylinders, link and edge clamps along with hydraulic vices and all associated pumps, air-oil boosters and system accessories such as valves, accumulators and coolers.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Pumps

We offer a full range of Enerpac hydraulic pumps including hand pumps, air pumps and electric pumps. Enerpac's single and 2 speed hand pumps have a lightweight, plastic body and the multi-fluid hand pump can be used with water, glycols and other corrosive fluids. The hydraulic pumps range also includes the new Enerpac XVARI air pump. This product is proving to be very popular for air pump users and offers increased flow and usability over traditional models. The Enerpac range also offers a full range of Enerpac hydraulic electric pumps including built-to order pumps with a choice of outputs, reservoir size, valve type, and motor voltage.  

Our standard range of hand pumps includes economy and heavy duty pumps for any application, available in a full range of outputs for single or double acting systems, supplied with pressure relief valves and a choice reservoir size. 

Our Hydraulic Power Units are made to order, many within a week and are available with any valve and control function required in any size to suit all needs.  We can also supply the control system to suit any needs to operate the power units from the most simple lever control to the fully integrated PLC and PC systems to control proportional valve systems and cylinders with transducers.  

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Valves

Our range of hydraulic valves includes CETOP manifold mounted valves from Aron and ATOS along with an economy range.  These valves are available in any spool configuration with check, pressure relief & reducing and flow control modules.  We also offer explosion proof ATEX approved valves with other specialist valves such as reciprocating and proportional.

In-Line valves are also online and these include solenoid, directional, check, flow control, hose burst safety valves, over centre and sequence valves in any size to for use in any size line for low and upto 700 BAR pressure systems.  We can also supply a full range of stainless steel in-line valves for directional and system control in working pressures of 3000, 5000 and 10,000 PSI.

To compliment this are a full range Hydraulic Ball Valves for upto 700 BAR.  This range includes 2 way shut-off valves and 3 & 4 way diverter valves with specials available on request.

As Enerpac distributors we also offer their full range of lever and solenoid valves in addition to their line mounted from their V series which include sequence, shut-off, check, flow control and pressure relief valves.  Directional valves can be pump mounted or used remotely to control your system as required.

Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic Tools

Our hydraulic tools section covers a wide variety of products including hydraulic cutters in manual form or remote hydraulic cutter heads for use with hand, air or electric pumps.  We also manufacture special versions for any cutting application.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches are also available for any bolting application in hexagon or square drive manufactured in steel and aluminium.  These hydraulic torque wrenches can be supplied with suitable electric pumps and twin hose assemblies for a complete system to be used on-shore, off-shore or sub-sea.  Complimenting these wrenches are hydraulic nut splitters to remove bolts and manual torque multipliers for those who do need a full hydraulic system.

This section also includes hydraulic presses for any application from 10 tonne bench press to upto 200 ton roll frame presses.  We can also design and manufacture special hydraulic presses for your requirements. 

Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic Jacks

We supply hydraulic jacks from a full range of manufacturers and offer low height and toe jacks in addition to standard bottle jacks.  We can also help with trolley jacks and high tonnage jacks on request.  The extensive range on site will suit most requirements but please contact us for other ranges of jacks if these do not need your needs.

Hydraulic Jacks
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