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Here at OSS Group, we provide our customers a complete range of hassle-free oil and hazardous waste collection services. Whether they be scheduled, on demand, or one-off colections, our oil and hazardous waste collection services are specifically designed to meet waste disposal needs in the:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Engineering Industry

Fuel Oil Sales

To reprocess and treat waste oil, we use our own constructed refinery. We produce 2 grade of fuel oil through the refining process. We also supply RFO (Recycled Fuel Oil), a fantastic economical alternative to virgin fuel oil. RFO is considered a waste product, meaning its subject to waste incineration directive (WID). For more information on fuel oil sales, please visit our website.

Fuel Oil Sales


After 7 years and £6 million research and development, our latest processed fuel oil is Gen3™. It has a vast range of applications across a range of industries.  Gen3™  is an environmentally friendly alternative to virgin fuel oils.

Gen3™ can be used for:

  • Process heating
  • Glass production
  • Dairies
  • Brewing and food processing

Recycled Fuel Oil (RFO) Sales

We produce recycled fuel oil (RFO) at OSS Group from waste oil by advanced processing techniques. Providing a fantastic economical alternative to the standard virgin oil. Environment agency classifies RFO as a waste and due to this is subject to Waste Incineration Directive (WID) emission standards.

For more information on recycled fuel oil (RFO), please visit our website.

Recycled Fuel Oil (RFO) Sales

Industrial Services

Our industrial services are safe, cost effective and practical. We provide a wide selection of industrial services ranging from:

  • Interceptor cleaning
  • Shipping services
  • Tank cleaning and confined space entry
  • Redundant tank clearance and more
Industrial Services

Parts Washers

We offer two revolutionary part washers that re-use cleaned solvents. Both units include a self-contained "micro -refinery" cleaning system. To remove the dirty residue, the solvent passes through distillation process. Our parts washers process means the solvent is clean and there is little waste. What waste there is can be drained in to a waste container once a week. The solvent tank does not need regular refilling, just roughly once a month.

Parts Washers

Spill Kits and Ancillary Products

We have a vast range of ancillary products:

  • Spill kits and absorbents
  • Spill pallets and bunded work floors
  • Drip trays and secondary containment systems
  • Bunded oil tanks

Our range of spill kits include: pads, cushions, socks and disposal bags.

Spill Kits and Ancillary Products

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