Hyspec Engineering


Your Vision, Our Precision.

Hyspec Engineering has been satisfying the precision machining and engineering needs of clients for over three decades. Our highly skilled workforce and sophisticated machine tools make us the one-stop-shop for all your precision machining needs.

Holistic Precision

Our vision is to become an organization that has “precision” as a fundamental ideology driving all aspect of business. We pursue a holistic precision management ideology to ensure that our clients are able to experience precision in every aspect of our business, whether it is reliability, responsiveness, communication, knowledge,continuous improvement, risk management, or co-operation.

Precision Machining Parts

Our workshop hosts some of the finest machine tools which allow us to deliver parts ranging from 10mm to 2.5 metres in diameter, and 5 metres in length. While we are renowned for our ability to deliver complex parts, we are equally adept at the regular, low complexity batch production.

If you would like to find out more about Hyspec Engineering, please contact us on 01560 483512


We have a wide range of Mill/Turn Capacity. We have both Yamazaki Mill/Turn and Daewoo Puma Mill/Turn.

Please visit our website www.hyspecengineering.co.uk to view our max turn diameter

CNC Milling

Please contact us or view our website to see our full capacity for CNC Milling. www.hyspecengineering.co.uk

We have various milling machines including 8 Haas VF-3,5,6,7,8,10 machines ranging from 40"x20"x25" up to 120"x32"x30". Also  Bridgeport VMC 1000, x 2 Beaver Toolmaker VMC and Ajax Bed Type 12"x40"x40".

CNC Turning

Our CNC Turning Capacity includes Strands SMG.S-3 max dia.350mm x 750mm B/C and D.S & G. Monarch CNC4432P 44"swing x 5 Metre B/C.

We also have x 2 Colchester CNC 4000l max turn dia. 500mm x 2m as well as 2 x Colchester Combi 4000 and 2 x Colchester Combi 4000 ranging from max turn dia. 500mm x 2m B/C and 800mm swing x 3000mm B/C

Please call us on 01560 483512 or visit the website on www.hypsecengineering.co.uk


Wire & Spark Eroding

Our Wire Eroding Capacity is as follows- 3 x Sodick Epoc 500 with A.W.T. AND 1 X Soddicl Epoc 600 with A.W.T.

We also own a Sodick A320D EX2 with A.W.T.

Our Spark Eroding Includes; Sodick K1CAH High speed hole drilling machine, Agie Elox Mondo 30 CNC Spark Eroder and Mecrode Maxim Plus CNC Spark Eroder.

Please contact us for further information info@hyspecenineering.co.uk, +44 (0) 1560 483512 and view our website www.hyspecengineering.co..uk


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