About i2

i2 is the leading provider of intelligence and investigation management software for law enforcement, defence, national security and private sector organisations. i2’s technology empowers government agencies and private sector businesses to investigate, predict, disrupt and defeat the world’s most sophisticated criminal and terrorist activities. We enable our users to be more effective by providing not just information, but the insights to answer critical questions and take action.

About i2

Defence Industry

For more than 20 years, i2 has worked with over 1200 military organisations in 130 countries to ensure that the solutions we build, continue to be 'fit for purpose' to help forces to achieve their intelligence missions. Today, i2 solutions are the analytical tools of choice for military intelligence personnel both at home and overseas.  i2 remains committed to our mission of producing effective solutions, so that you can continue with yours – processing your information, and then getting timely intelligence out to those who need it. i2's integrated solutions are specifically designed to help your personnel maximise the value of the information that you collect in the following areas: 

  • Counterintelligence
  • Force protection and peacekeeping
  • Pattern of life analysis
  • Human terrain mapping
  • Target analysis and defence

National Secruity

For over 20 years i2 has worked with national security organizations across the globe to develop cutting-edge technology that comprehensively supports all aspects of their intelligence-led operations, and to ensure that all of our solutions continue to be ‘Fit for Purpose’ for all our national security customers.

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Law Enforcement

As law enforcement organisations strive to address society's challenges they face a variety of problems that differ in their severity and impact. With the opening up of borders and the formation of multi-cultural societies, the ability to integrate and share information has become an integral part of the investigative process. Similarly, the ever-present threat of terrorism impacts on the law enforcement environment continually, requiring agencies to hold, analyse and disseminate information from around the globe.

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i2's government agency solutions have been developed to target the issues faced by users in the public sector. i2's software solutions are a comprehensive suite of tools, which ensure that your organisation has access to the right information at the right time. In addition to this suite, custom software can be created by our department to provide a configurable user interface supporting standardised business rules and procedures for each agency.

Private Sector

i2 has been the most widely used analytical tool set in the Private Sector since the early 90s. Our Products and Solutions are used every day by investigations, analytical and security personnel from major Telecoms, Financial, Insurance, Legal, Pharmaceutical and Retail organisations to detect and prevent fraud, credit card crime and other evolving threats.

i2 technology is currently used by 12 of the top 20 retail banks globally, as well as 8 of the top 10 largest companies in the world.


Part of the Intelligence-Led Operations Platform, i2’s Cyber solution is a post-incident analytic platform that brings together thousands of real world data sources and millions of data points to link cyber criminal activity with people, places and things.

The Cyber analysis platform utilises powerful post-incident analysis to make real-world connections, correlate links and entities involved in attacks, and expose network vulnerabilities. It can help predict future attacks and shut down and apprehend cyber crime perpetrators. i2’s Cyber solution accomplishes this by employing:

  • Rich extraction, analysis and visualisation capabilities that turn large quantities of cyber data into actionable intelligence
  • Rapid pattern analysis that quickly identifies characteristics to predict and prevent future incidents
  • Sophisticated analytical database for managing and analysing multi-source data
  • Data sharing and layering to pool cyber investigative data with other data sources


i2’s Fraud solution helps stop fraudsters in their tracks by empowering analysts to search multiple data sources simultaneously, find hidden links and entities, and visualise transactions and timelines.

Open Source Information

i2’s Intelligence-Led Operations Platform pulls all available data to provide analysts access to information quickly and easily. i2 understands the importance of Open Source in today’s MULTI-INT fusion strategies, that is why we have partnered with trusted open source information providers to offer integrated solutions that offer comprehensive insights into individuals and organisations involved with terrorism and high risk international profiles.

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