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We have the scope of knowledge and expertise needed for product realisation. We can turn your initial concept ideas into reality. Taking into consideration the size, capacity and environment the completed product will be in, we ruminate upon all factors of creation at the design stage in order to present outstanding product realisation.

You can also be assured with us your intellectual property is protected as we have a confidentiality agreement in place with all of our suppliers.

Electro-Mech Integration

We are specialists in electro-mech integration and expertly combine micro-electronics with mechanical devices. Our electro-mech integration has been incorporated into test rigs for directional drilling heads and time critical actuators for aircraft.

We are highly skilled when it comes to identifying what could be weaknesses and turning them into virtues and can fully integrate electronic and mechanical functions into your products, and offer a full design and prototyping capabilities. We produce your products to the very highest standard and ensure they are fully functional and high performing for their field of operation.

Cables And Connectivity

We manufacture a range of cables and connectivity including bespoke cable looms and assemblies designed to your specifications. Cables and connectivity are available in a variety of lengths and routed to minimise the accumulation of connectors and cables.

Many of our cables and connectivity applications are used in the naval and aircraft sector and we pride ourselves on the high quality of our cables and connectors.

PCB Design And Assembly

Our range of PCB design and assembly services consist of quality surface mount assembly and through hole PCB assembly. We also provide a high standard prototype PCB assembly service.

Our PCB design and assembly are manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001:2000. In order to enhance our services and customer support, we conform to all requirements and our processes are verified by a range of reliable inspection equipment. 

Reverse Engineering

We implement reverse engineering in order to reproduce older or obsolete components and employ professional reverse engineering techniques to accurately recreate PCB artwork and cabling for re-assembly. 

Civilian And Commercial

We have designed and produced a range of civilian and commercial systems contributing to everyday life. Our expansive technological development have opened up many new avenues for innovation within the public sphere.

Our civilian and commercial products have included the integration of systems to help deter anti-social behaviour in social areas such as cinemas.

Aviation And Marine

We have developed long standing relationships with the aviation and marine sector especially with aircraft and ship builders. We recognise the essential need of functional, reliable and new products in this industry and have supplied cables for the Royal Navy's Type 42 Destroyer Radar Upgrade.  Our aviation and marine work has also been to provide data cables to exacting tolerances for a ship's statistical system.

Military And Defence

We have developed a series of life saving equipment used in military and defence applications including vehicle and protection systems. We form close partnerships in this sector in order to understand the demands for technology and serve their growing needs. Our military and defence capabilities include the development of life saving equipment for armed forces theatres.

The success of our military and defence applications show we have the ability to work with inherent flexibility and skill in order to apply a broader set of electronic requirements when time is of the essence. 

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