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Ian Berg Plastics Ltd are an experienced injection moulding company. As well as plastic injection mouldings we offer a broad spectrum of other services for our clients: 

Plastic Injection Moulding

For Plastic Injection Moulding Ian Berg Plastics Ltd have a range of fifteen Arburg machines that offer horizontal and vertical configurations. The machine sizes are from 20 - 150 tons. The standard materials used for plastic injection moulding are ABS, P/P, P/E and PVC. For engineering we use acrylic, polycarbonate, acetal, nylon and filled grades, polyurethane, TPR and capa. If you require something more exotic Ian Berg Plastics Ltd offer Triax, Ixef, LCP, PET and Peek.

Tampo Printing

If you want Tampo Printing, Ian Berg Plastics Ltd is the company that you need. Tampo printing transfers ink from an etched plate onto almost any kind of surface making it ideal for virtually any industry. At Ian Berg Plastics Ltd our tampo printing meets the following criteria:

  • Available in one to three colours
  • Print on a flat or contoured surface
  • Print in any colour - even metallic
  • Print onto plastic mouldings or metal

We pride ourselves on out consistent, repeatable accuracy and of course the unfailing Ian Berg Plastics Ltd quality.


Do you have a specific requirement for your plastic moulding? Then Ian Berg Plastics Ltd is the company that you need. Our speciality services offers a small batch service (500 - 5000 components), we can also provide insert moulding with stainless steel, brass, threaded pins, studs, single or multiple insertion to name a few. And if your special request need moulded encapsulation for your plugs or wiring please don't hesitate to contact us

Post Moulding Services

For the best in post moulding services look no further than Ian Berg Plastics Ltd. For ultrasonic welding, joining plastic components, joint welding, inserting metal pieces or heat insertion please contact us.


Any parent understands that one of the perils of travelling with toddlers and young children is that they can undo their seatbelts either by accident or design! This is why Ian Berg Plastics Ltd have developed Bucklesafe™ which has been designed to prevent little fingers from undoing their seatbelt. For more information please click here

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