IB Industries

Combining proven experience and expertise in machine technology, our objective is to provide quality equipment with an unbiased view to meet your surface treatment requirements.

Aqueous Cleaning
  • Rotational basket multi stage washers, with immersion, ultrasonic, vacuum drying
  • Heavy Duty large spray wash systems with multiple stages
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning baths and modular auto line systems
  • Custom-Built Multi-Stage Wash Systems with auto transfer systems
  • In-Line Multi stage Conveyor and rotary drum Systems
  • Oil and grease separators with waste treatments units
Solvent Cleaning
  • Hermetically sealed solvents systems corresponding to all legal editions in EU
  • Efficiency through carbon absorbers and oil distillation systems
  • Superior cleaning, spray, immersion, multi tank, vacuum drying, infra red drying
  • Custom-Built solvent Systems made to your demands for any size requirement
  • fully automated auto transfer systems for those demanding applications
Should you have any questions or comments please feel free to call. Our professionally trained staff are always pleased to help you. You can also obtain more information on our products on our website.

IB Industries Overview