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Vehicle Tracking will reduce vehicle cost and increasing productivity.
From as little as 36p per vehicle per day you could:
  • Reduce vehicle fuel costs by up to 20%
  • Save on fleet maintenance and repair
  • Pay lower vehicle insurance premiums
  • Control driver productivity and behaviour
  • Keep your customers up to date with delivery times 

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A vehicle tracking system installs an electronic device into a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, while combining this with computer software that allows a business to track and store vehicle data including vehicle locations, vehicle speed and fuel consumption.

Vehicle Tracking Won’t Save You Money – or will it?
Vehicle Tracking Systems – Making The Right Choice

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Vehicle Tracking Won't Save You Money

Installing vehicle tracking itself won’t reduce the costs of your company vehicles. The decisions you take, based on the data provided by the vehicle tracking system, will make the difference.  In general, businesses report that they save on average of between 10-20% through a reduction in fuel costs as a result of implementing vehicle tracking.  But it’s not just about fuel savings. [Read More

Vehicle Tracking Systems – Making The Right Choice
Finding the best vehicle tracking system for your business can be difficult.  There’s plenty of vehicle tracking solutions to choose from.  How do you make the right choice? What questions do you need to ask a vehicle tracking company? [Read more]

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