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1 year comprehensive parts and site labour warranty with unlimited wrapping cycle

All Ibis Packaging wrapping machines are CE marked and meet or exceed current Hasawa and EMC guidelines.

DEMONSTRATION OPPORTUNITYFree on site demonstration can be arranged, if required. This enables you to trial wrap your own products to show the full advantages of the our wrapper for your benefit. At the same time also, the film savings and load stability can be established with your own wrapping application. RECOMMENDATION FOR STRETCH FILMOur stretch wrapping machines are designed to work with most quality stretchwrap films. However, as a major manufacturer of stretchfilm, we naturally recommend our own film to be used with our machines.

Stretch Film

IBIS has developed a special power grade film which will allow thinner films to be used, maintaining the same strength.

the Benefits of Power grade are:
  • Stretches to higher levels - giving higher force to load
  • Better puncture resistance - film does not break
  • Cheaper per wrap -Thickness can be reduced giving savings
  • Performance is higher allowing thinner film to be used
  • When the film is stretched more, it exerts a higher force! More saving (per pallet), and more performance!  
Stretch Film

Ibis Packaging supplies stretch film, (cast linear low density polyethylene film), manufactured to a consistent quality by our partners in the Middle East.

Machine Film    

Our standard pallet of 500mm machine film has 46 rolls and weighs 16.6Kg
The 500mm machine film cores weigh only 0.7 Kg which gives more film per roll and less waste to dispose compared with some suppliers.

The cores have a standard 76mm inside diameter and these rolls are recommended for our range of wrapping machines 
Stretch Film

Wide Film

IBIS can supply Wrapping Film in all widths from 50mm to 2m, thickness from 12µm through to 50µm. Weight is standard but length varies with thickness: 12µm 3000m 23µm 1500m 17µm 2000m 20µm 1800. We regularly supply colours such as red or blue film

Wide film has the obvious advantage of requiring fewer turns around the load and helps to secure the it firmly to the pallet. Our simple Speedy Wrapper can ease the application and remove a lot of the Health and safety issues from the task of manually wrapping a pallet.

Hand Film

Most hand rolls contain 300m of film with 38 or 50mm inside diameter cores. There are 378 rolls to a pallet. All hand film can be supplied with free end plugs for easy application

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