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At IBS Engineered Products Ltd, we provide flood protection equipment including penstock, sluice gates, stop logs, hydraulic flood gates, and spill barriers. We employ 180 flood protection equipment designers, technicians, engineers and administration staff who provide experience and professional service.  


We manufacture penstocks to suited for their environment. Our penstocks are designed to isolate and control the flow of liquid in a wide range of applications including water and wastewater treatment plants, industrial effluent plants, flood control, sewers, waterways, rivers and hydro-electric plants.

The benefits of penstocks include:

  • Simple and effective wall sealing, no need for arduous grouting operations
  • Supply and install service
  • Standard sizes up to 2,000 square mm
  • Bespoke design where required size is non-standard
  • Initial site visit to assess applications

Flood Barriers

We supply commercial, domestic and industrial flood barriers to suit a wide variety of projects. Our flood barriers have been used throughout the UK and Europe to protect entire cities from flooding.

Flood Barriers

Flood Gates

We manufacture stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium flood gates depending on the individual requirements of a project. Our turnkey flood gates are used to prevent access to roads, pedestrian areas and railroads, in coastal or inlands areas, in the case of a flood.  

Flood Gates

Glass Wall Flood Defence

We supply permanent glass wall flood defence to reduce the visual impact of a normal flood defence solution. Our glass wall flood defence is used throughout Europe as it is robust, reliable and easily maintained.

Glass Wall Flood Defence


We provide cost effective stoplogs to temporarily and successfully divert water flow during maintenance or building a weir wall.

Our stainless steel stoplogs are suitable for an assortment of applications as they carry a range of benefits including:

  • Lightweight aluminium construction option
  • Stainless steel stoplogs suitable for drinking water applications
  • Single spans in excess of 6m achievable
  • Bespoke design for non-standard applications
  • No invert frame required due to design of ground seal
  • Side seals can be installed on logs for existing rebate structures

Spill Barriers

We supply emergency spill barriers to prevent the spillage of hazardous substances into the environment. Our spill barriers are available as stackable, guillotine, rotational and hinged to meet your individual requirements.

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