IBT Power Ltd

IBT is a battery solution provider, specialising in low cost rechargeable battery technologies, all of which are manufactured in ISO9000 approved facilities, products include:

*Lead acid batteries for standby applications like Telecoms, Communications and Industrial. Ranges: Long life, 19'' rack mountable and high rate batteries.
*Gel lead acid battery series for repeat charge / discharge applications, such as: Solar, Mobility and Leisure.
* Lithium Ion ( Li Ion ) batteries and cells including integrated battery protection circuits for wireless and portable applications (Bluetooth, WiFi, mobiles, medical and instrumentation).
* Nickel metal hydride ( NiMH ) battery packs and cells for portable devices, including high rate and high temperature models.

Other key areas include:

* Primary Lithium cells and battery packs, Lithium Thionyl Chloride and Lithium Manganese Dioxide. (Button, Prismatic and cylindrical cells).
* Battery Chargers for lead acid, Nickel metal hydride and Li Ion batteries.
*Switched mode power supplies (Open frame, enclosed and desk top).

IBT Power Ltd Overview