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icenta supplies flow meters, level sensors & control instrumentation to the manufacturing and process industries.  In particular, we are one of the leading suppliers of flow measurement solutions to the UK and overseas.

icenta can draw on extensive practical knowledge and a wealth of instrumentation experience to help us understand your requirements, allowing us to offer customers a tailored solution for many different applications, types of fluid and process conditions.

Our flow products encompass a wide range of flow technologies including:

  • Gear Meters
  • Turbine Meters
  • Magnetic Flow Meters
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meters
  • Paddlewheel Flow Sensors
  • Rotameters / Variable Area flow Meters
  • Mass Flow Meters and Mass Flow Controllers

Magnetic Flow Meters

Welcome to the icenta selection of insertion and in-line Magflow magnetic flow meters with integral displays or analogue output for remote monitoring or data logging

The magnetic flow meter is ideal for many flow applications because of the advantages of Magflow technology making the magnetic flow meter the most common velocity device used for flow measurement.  In particular, there are no moving parts, which are subject to wear , resulting in obstructionless flow measurement with nothing projecting into the flow stream; they offer high accuracy (0.5 to 1%); they can be used in most pipes sizes; they can be used for hygienic applications and for corrosive liquids as well as water and wastewater.

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

icenta's range of  Thermal Mass Flow Meters , Mass Flow Controllers, Flow Regulators and Flow Switches are used for measuring the mass flow of clean industrial gases including:

  • Air
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Nitrogen
  • Helium
  • Ammonia
  • Argon

... to name a few.

Mass Flow Meters directly and continuously measures mass flow (as opposed to measuring volumetric flow) which does not require a correction for changes in fluid variables such as temperature, pressure, viscosity and density.

Contact icenta for advice on applications for Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Variable Area (VA) Rotameter Flow Meters

Mechanical Variable Area Flow Meters, also known as Rotameters allow you to view directly the flow rate of either gases or liquids by matching up the float with calibrations on the flow tube.

Rotameter technology offers robust flow solutions with no need for auxiliary power that are relatively low cost and easy to install.  As well as standard flow applications icenta's range of VA meters includes options for rugged environments, high temperatures and high pressures

Clean Water Flow Meters

Flow measurement is an important part of the water industry and a knowledge of the metering process is vital for the provision of clean water. The purification, abstraction and metering into supply and to customers all require flow measurement of some description.

Flow metering is required for quality control, calculating revenue and environmental concerns. There are many applications for the water industry requiring metering technologies.

Applications for Clean Water Flow Meters include:

  • Correct Billing
  • Accurate Water Consumption Monitoring
  • Optimising Water Usage
  • Monitoring Water Flow
  • Irrigation Water Measurement
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

... to name a few

Dirty Water Flow Meters

Dirty Water Flow Meters are normally used for the following applications:

  • Measuring effluent and outflow
  • Monitoring the amounts of water flowing through the heat exchangers in cooling towers
  • Monitoring discharge volumes of waste water from rinse or process waste
  • Monitoring discharge quantity from wastewater treatment plants
  • Monitoring flow to the condensate return and of make up water in boilers

The process and wastewater industries require a wide range of metering technologies. Magnetic flow meters are used in wastewater sytstems  while open channel meters found in monitoring flow in watercourses.

Fuel & Oil Flow Meters

An application involving high viscosity  (fuels and oils) requires caution when choosing a flow meter. The same meter calibrated for water will give incorrect information if used with higher viscosity level fluids. You also have to bear in mind any changes in temperature.

Our Fuel and Oil Flow Meters have a range of specifications and applications, please see the website for full details on how to meet your fuel and oil flow requirements

Air Flow Meters

icenta  Air Flow Meters are typically used in applications such as:

  • Testing and monitoring compressor equipment air leaks
  • HVAC
  • Dryer and cooling air flow measurement
  • Wastewater aeration
  • Measurement of total air flow consumption
  • Monitoring compressed air in multiple lines to allocate energy costs and maximise facility loading

Other Gas Flow Meters

We have other gas flow meters to cover applications for the following: odorant injection, gas monitoring, scrubber gas discharge, gas sampling, gas mixing for yield and pollution research, aeration of liquids and the control of burner gases.

Level Sensors

At icenta we are a  level sensor specialist with experience covering various level technologies for many applications, process conditions and fluid types.  In particular, icenta is a distributor in the UK for the complete range of FlowlineInc, a ideal source of level products for tank inventory monitoring, automation and safety solutions.

Please call icenta on +44 (0)1722 741890 or email us on to discuss your level measurement requirements

Open Tank Level Sensors

We offer a comprehensive range of open tank level sensors based on ultrasonic, capacitance, vibration, hydrostatic, electromechanical, radar and float level technologies that will suit various applications.  If you have a requirement for level measurement in an open tank and would like some advice, please contact icenta on + 44(0)1722 741890 or take a look at the icenta website

Closed Tank Level Sensors

We are a Closed Tank Level Sensor specialist with a great deal of experience in level technologies that will cover the applications you require. If you need some more specifications on our level sensors then we can help.

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