Icore International Ltd

Icore International specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative, high performance solutions for a wide range of electrical and fluid interconnect applications ranging from aerospace and defence systems to rail, automotive and general industrial use

Icore approvals include BS EN ISO9001, ISO14001 and CAA-EASA Part 21 Subpart G design and manufacturing approvals.

Icore’s product range includes:

* High Current Power Connectors
* High Current Contact Band Technology
* Custom Design Power Connectors
* ATEX approved connectors
* Electrical Harnesses
* EMC/EMP/RFI/HIRF Cable Harness Protection
* Flexible Conduit Systems
* Electrical Connector Accessories, Adapters and Backshells.
* Limited Fire Hazard Conduit Systems
* Low Medium and High Pressure Flexible PTFE hoses

Av-Dec Conductive Gaskets; Injectable Sealants, and Tapes

Icore International Ltd Overview