Having well over 200 years of combined experience in Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and the ANSYS engineering software suite our company has encouraged the development and application of simulation methods to solve the most demanding engineering problems. Software solutions from ANSYS, combined with the value-added service and support from IDAC have been the key catalyst for innovation and faster time to market for thousands of products and engineering teams around the world.

As a value-added reseller of ANSYS simulation software IDAC provides engineering analysis software sales, consultancy, training and technical services to a variety of global and UK customers using FEA and CFD software. These products provide engineers with broad, high end analysis functionality for the development of leading edge products and state of the art manufacturing processes.

Computer Aided Design

ANSYS DesignSpace is a powerful, yet easy-to-use simulation software package that gives product designers and engineers the power to conceptualize, design and validate all their ideas right on their desktops. Using Knowledge-Based Automation™, this streamlined, user-friendly simulation tool is based on the same powerful ANSYS technology that has been resolving challenging design issues for more than 32 years.

Structural Analysis

Are you looking for a structural simulation software package that exclusively addresses the unique concerns of structural simulation, without a lot of extra tools you don't need? ANSYS Structural provides all the power of ANSYS nonlinear structural capabilities—as well as all linear capabilities—in order to deliver the highest-quality, most-reliable structural simulation results available.

Thanks to its full complement of nonlinear elements, nonlinear and linear material laws, and inelastic material models, ANSYS Structural easily simulates even the largest and most intricate of structures. Plus, its world-class nonlinear contact functionality allows for the analysis of complicated assemblies. ANSYS Structural offers users an intuitive, tree-structured GUI for easy definition of even the most intricate material models and a choice of iterative and direct solvers for optimal results (Note: Supplementary solvers may be added via the Parallel Performance for ANSYS module.)
Product development is a constantly evolving process and down the road, if you realize the need for additional simulation capacity, ANSYS Structural is easy to upgrade. Convert to ANSYS Mechanical and get the most powerful tool for both structural and thermal simulation. If you'd like to perform even more of these kinds of studies at the same time—including fluid flow, and high- and low-frequency electromagnetics—look to the ANSYS Multiphysics package.

Mechanical Analysis

When you're looking for a structural/thermal simulation software package that offers the highest level of simulation tools available, look no further than ANSYS Mechanical.

ANSYS Mechanical includes a full complement of nonlinear and linear elements, material laws ranging from metal to rubber, and the most comprehensive set of solvers* available. It can handle even the most complex assemblies especially those involving nonlinear contact and is the ideal choice for determining stresses, temperatures, displacements and contact pressure distributions on all your component and assembly designs.   Plus, ANSYS Mechanical offers the added advantage of fundamental matrix coupled-field (or multiphysics) studies involving acoustic, piezoelectric, thermal/structural and thermal/electric analysis. These studies help give the engineer a greater understanding of how well their models react to common combinations of phenomena. If you'd like to perform even more multiphysics studies including fluid flow, and high- and low-frequency electromagnetics look to the ANSYS Multiphysics package.

Multiphysics Analysis

As companies strive to produce innovative and higher quality products, the simulation of individual physics is no longer adequate for the design of many products. Multiphysics simulation allows engineers and designers to evaluate their designs operating under real-world conditions. ANSYS Multiphysics provides the analysis industry's most advanced coupled physics technology within a unified simulation environment. The ANSYS Multiphysics solution allows engineers and designers to simulate the interaction between structural mechanics, heat transfer, fluid flow, acoustics and electromagnetics all within a single software product.


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